Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Epiphany and Total Consecration Connection

     Because Kevin was driving, we only got a little turned around on the way to the Cursillo Epiphany party at St. Gabriel’s Church last Friday evening, instead of completely lost as we would have been if I’d been driving (I’m exceptionally good at getting undeniably lost) or if John had gone on his own (he thought it was at St. Edward’s).  At least we didn’t stop and ask some crazy control freak for directions on the way like the three wise men.    
     Anyway, I’d been looking forward to the party for a while, eager to see members of our Cursillo family that we hadn’t caught up with in too long.  It was no surprise that Faith and Rob Grubbs did a wonderful job hosting the event.
     There was plenty of food, as is traditionally the case with Cursillo events.  A friend of ours was told that there wouldn’t be much to eat when he made his weekend a number of years ago, so he packed a whole suitcase with snacks and things, only to find out that his sponsor had been kidding.  If you go hungry on a weekend, it’s your choice—never a lack of food—that’s the culprit.
     It was wonderful to be greeted with lots of hugs and smiles.  The joy-filled fellowship began as soon as we walked in the door and lasted the entire evening.
     I was very excited I’d remembered to bring the remaining Total Consecration packets that had been on a bookshelf at our apartment.  They weren’t doing anyone any good on our shelf at home.  I’d given a number of them to family, friends, the gentlemen on a discernment vocations retreat, my Christ Renews His Parish sisters, etc., but many still remained. 
     After experiencing a deeper conversion when I first made my Consecration to Jesus through Mary while in high school, you’d think I would have made it a higher priority to get these powerful prayers in people’s hands, but I didn’t. 
    Once Faith got everyone’s attention and led us in saying grace, I got to say a word about the Preparation for Total Consecration.  I invited everyone present to take one with them. 
     There were only four packets left when we were ready to head back over the river and through the woods to go home, and Faith had said she’d take any remaining ones to her prayer group.  I was ecstatic to have been able to share a gift that, for countless people around the world and over the years, has brought them to another level of faith and devotion. 
     Thank you, Ray Mooney, and all who have been working so hard to spread the word about this most beautiful and powerful devotion.  For more information or to place an order for your own FREE Total Consecration packets, visit the My Consecration website.   
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