Friday, March 2, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 40)

Top Things to Say to Get Out of Being Selected as a Juror:
(written by my husband and me a while back)

Note: We don’t recommend using any of these, unless of course, they happen to be true for you. 

      “I can spot a guilty person like that!” (snapping fingers for emphasis) 
      “I have ADHD that I keep under control by doing three cartwheels and twenty-two jumping jacks every 5 minutes.”
      “ I have Tourette’s syndrome, only instead of shouting profanity, I shout out the names of saints.” 
        “I’m very good at telekinesis, and my specialty is gavels.” 
       “I keep my Scrabble game with me in case I get bored.  Want to play?”
       “I have a handy dandy travel gavel.”
More Mayhem and comedy from Mr. Mom (aka Matthew Archbold)!  6:40 a.m. I was running late. My wife left very early for work and she set the alarm for me to wake the children for school. Now, I’ll wake up to an alarm that plays music easy but beeping/honking alarms don’t wake me up. Kinda’ weird, I know.
   I normally wake up the kids at 6:30 a.m. but I incorporated the beeping alarm into my dreams for about ten minutes before I realized I wasn’t involved in a nuclear reactor meltdown or being chased by a honking Bigfoot. I had just slept late… Read more: click here.


Do you have any friends who aren’t discerning?  It was kind of an amusing question for a friend to ask us when we were out with a group of people for dinner, until I realized that two of the guys present had spent time discerning the priesthood, another one just finished his seminary application, and the woman sitting next to me has been discerning a religious vocation.  The answer, by the way, is yes, Kevin and I do know people who are not in the midst of discerning their lifelong vocation.  I’ve reminded all of them, though, that discerning God’s will is a lifelong process that’s part of all vocations.   
It’s still us!  Last week when Kevin and I were sick and often had trouble sleeping all the way through the night, we chose middle-of-the-night distractions that were hilariously diverse, but true to form for each of us.  When I couldn’t sleep, I picked up the Catechism of the Catholic Church which I’m reading and reviewing for Tiber River (It’s actually an amazing read, not dry and academic like I thought it might be). Kevin popped in a DVD about the history of railroads.  I had to laugh!

Ultreya! The Cursillo movement has a wonderful tradition of having regular events to help Cursillistas move onward in their journey with the Lord.  Kevin and I are excited about tonight’s Ultreya.  We’re bringing our brand new babe chick, Chris, and our babe-chick-to-be come May, Michele.  Our good friend Joe is giving the witness talk.  There’ll be lots of hugs, prayers, some songs, and some of our favorite family reunion time reconnecting.   

Listen to this!  “What priests say should not be political except when it comes to faith and morals.”  Fr. Sammie L. Maletta, Jr. in his homily on the HHS mandate, Obamacare, and contraception


“Today when I got to the abortion clinic there were five of us together near the driveway entrance when a red car drove out of the abortion clinic parking lot and slowed down beside us. With the window partially down, we heard the driver say:
"Thank you for being here....she had a change of heart."

     Then the light changed and they drove away around the corner. We looked at each other and asked, "Did you hear what he said?" Yes, we all heard it. For me, BEST DAY EVER!!! In all the campaigns we've had in Richmond, I have heard this witness from other people and rejoiced at the good news. But until today, I had never been the one to hear first-hand that someone had that change of heart and didn't have the abortion. Wow! Nothing like it. I still can't get the smile off my face and it happened 5 hours ago! I smiled all through my hour of prayer. (Sang a little bit, too.) Praise God!
     Then I heard MORE good news. Gerri was at the abortion clinic earlier today and she was able to give information about the Pregnancy Resource Center to two couples at the clinic. They were receptive and took her card with the information. Gerri called the PRC to let them know that the couples may be arriving for an ultrasound and help. BEST DAY EVER!!!"   
-Thursday’s 40 Days for Life update from Ann Niermeyer                  Click here to find the closest vigil to you. 

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