Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Signs You’ve Had a Seriously Strange, Markedly Messed-Up Month

·         You get a completely unexpected job offer and are asked to make a decision about it in a matter of hours, and you do.

·         You drive the farthest out of town you have any evening in a while on the one day you get a blizzard and have to creep home on back country roads at night.

·         During said drive home, you see a huge snowplow stuck in a ditch on the side of the highway.

·         You feel too crummy and worn-out to stop by the local kick-off event for the international outreach organization you’ve been involved with for years even when it’s being held less than ten minutes away and your very own mother is the local coordinator for the campaign.

·         After faithfully attending daily Mass since last Ash Wednesday, even while on vacation, your spouse is so sick that he not only misses Ash Wednesday Mass, but also all of the other daily masses the week beginning Lent this year.

·         Lots of people flip out over the thought of making it mandatory to get an ultrasound before an abortion, something numerous studies have shown lead women to the realization that the fetus in their womb is a person not a blob of tissue, at which point a very high percentage around 90% choose life for their child.  I’m very confused!  You’re about to pay someone to use a high-powered vacuum to suck a living human being out of your womb (which causes you physical, emotional, and spiritual damage as well as killing a child), and you’re saying it’s unreasonable to make it mandatory for them to do what is part of a routine examination women before that?!  This seems to make about as much sense as going in for a mastectomy, but refusing the uncomfortable procedure of having a mammogram first.  Clearly lopping off a breast with a malignant tumor in it and ending an innocent child’s life are vastly different and nowhere even close on the spectrum of morality and ethics.

·         After a night when you and your spouse were only able to get a couple hours of sleep due to various illness issues, your spouse gets the following message in his fortune cookie: “You will sleep well at night.”  The next morning, after not sleeping all that well, you suggest perhaps it was because your spouse didn’t bring the fortune to bed and put it under his pillow.

·         You and your spouse both get called for jury duty.  He gets out of it for medical reasons, and you get to call in every Friday to for the next month to see if you’ll be appearing in court the following Monday. 

·         Your spouse disassembles various parts of the fairing of his motorcycle to bring them inside and give them a bath.

·         The most directionally challenged/adept at finding the ghetto in any city person in your household (in ours, I’m that person), finds a very dusty Easyfinder Map of Richmond that has been missing for months while looking for a neon yellow highlighter (which you just had in hand, but can’t for the life of you find a few minutes later).
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