Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Best Made Plans of Mice and Women…So Often Get Screwed Up

     There are a number of things I was looking forward to this weekend.  Not one of which I was able to do because my husband and I were both too sick.  Truth be told, he’s been feeling and sounding really awful due to bronchitis.  I’ve just had a pesky cold that seems to be hovering.  We didn’t go to the Theophostic Prayer Ministry training in Chesapeake at New Creation.  We missed out on Vivi’s 2 year old birthday party, which ended up being relocated due to other illness in the family. 
     I prayed for the women on the Christ Renews His Parish weekend taking place this Saturday and Sunday, but I didn’t join my CRHP sisters for dinner at Padow’s to celebrate a certain someone’s 60th birthday, nor did I go today to see the beaming faces of the team and participants while serving them lunch in the interest of not spreading germs or pushing myself so hard I collapsed after a rough couple weeks. 
     Fortunately, God had some other plans for this weekend that I couldn’t foresee or schedule on my calendar.  I had some very powerful, healing prayer time, real quality time with my husband, read a good book, got some extra sleep…
     I am grateful for the blessings today that got me through: a loving God, a caring husband, Mom bringing us chicken noodle soup, cornbread, and fresh flowers from Whole Foods, participating in the Mass, getting a couple running hugs from Vivi, one of my favorite cuties, the courage to speak the truth, though it wasn't easy, and the gift of bringing the Eucharist to my babe who's still sick.
     Thanks God for loving me in a myriad of ways through a number of people, especially when I can be so flipping stubborn!
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