Saturday, February 25, 2012

Crazy Busy and Super Sick

     The past month has been crazy busy.  So much so that I have a better understanding for family members and friends who tend to disappear from the face of the earth at times.  I was so tired after work, ministry commitments, and doing what I could to care for my husband who’s been really sick with bronchitis this past week, that most of the time I didn’t feel like texting or calling anyone in the evenings to see how they were doing or let them know I’ve been thinking of them. 
     This is significant for me, not because I’ve never been crazy-busy before, but because I have sometimes felt really hurt and slighted when family members or close friends haven’t bothered getting in touch, even just to say hi.  I’ve tried to make a mental note of how draining this kind of busy-ness on top of being sick with the yucky cold that’s going around while hovering at the same time has affected me, so that I cut others more slack. 
     It gives me a little hope and comfort to think that maybe my sisters don’t really forget I exist for weeks or months at a time.  I haven’t been very good about keeping in touch with them regularly either, but I think of them and pray for them daily, generally many times a day. 
     Last week someone we hadn’t seen or talked with in ages told me that Kevin and I had been on his prayer list for a long time.  The gentleman said he keeps a list of people he’s praying for on the refrigerator, and we’ve been on it for months.  This reminds me of two posts I wrote awhile back called Prayers for You in Progress and A Cloud of Witnesses. 
     I find it comforting and uplifting to know that others are thinking of and praying for us though we haven’t seen or heard from them in months, just as we have many loved ones in our thoughts and prayers who we haven’t been as great about reaching out to as we could be. 
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