Friday, April 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 45)

Divine Mercy Sunday is the weekend after Easter.  There are a number of beautiful ways to celebrate the Lord’s Divine Mercy and the messages of mercy given to Saint Faustina.  I encourage you to read up on this feast day and find a church in your area that actually celebrates it.  I love The Chaplet of Divine Mercy prayers.  This sung version is one of my absolute favorites!  It's a very powerful prayer to sing with others.  We've used it on Cursillo and Christ Renews His Parish retreats with great success!


Still in the Danger Zone Kevin and I thought we were past the “if your husband gets an infection, he could lose his toe” phase of his post-surgery healing process, but apparently we’re not.  Kevin’s foot was really swollen Sunday night, so he texted a picture of it to his doctor, who called him and said he needed to come in Monday morning for an emergency appointment.  He’s back on the couch.  I never thought I’d reach the day when I would hope and pray that my husband would remain on the couch with his feet up as much as possible.  Please pray that Kevin will be a good bum over the next week he has to be recovering with his toe up.

So Tired I’m Re-Tired Working lots of extra hours at two different locations and taking care of my homebound husband has been wearing me out.  This week, I have been exhausted, continuing busy and mostly exhausted until some much-needed rest this weekend (I hope and pray).


Special on Aisle Six You know you're life's gotten a bit crazy when you're friend comes to meet you at Aisle 6 of the grocery store while you finish your shopping because she knows it's probably the only time in the next four or five days she'll get a chance to see you.  I’m so glad she did come to visit with me.  She had me laughing hysterically a number of times, especially over the story she told me in the parking lot.  Who wouldn’t be amused hearing about an aspiring discalced Carmelite postulant concerned about the high heel wedge shoes her mom gave her?  We decided the shoes were probably a part of the problem, and that she should indeed be seriously discalced.       


Smartphone & Pre-occupied Parents This week I’ve been in a number of public settings and play places for kids while taking care of Vivi.  I’ve noticed that many parents/caregivers will sit or stand on the sidelines with their eyes glued to their Smartphones instead of watching their young children play.  It made me kind of sad.  I’m not saying I never check my phone or text when I’m watching little ones or talking with other people, but I do make a point to spend the majority of my time being present to the person and situation in front of me.


My favorite play-break habit! There are many great advantages of watching and listening to children.  They are just so honest, hilarious, and precious!  My personal favorite of Vivi’s habits when we’ve been at the indoor play area at the mall has been when she suddenly looks over at me, catches my eye, then runs full-speed into my open arms for a hug.  After a hug and a kiss, she’s off ready to play again.  My heart melted when after one of her hug breaks, which at times occurred as often as every two minutes, she shouted, “I love you!” over her shoulder to me as she ran off.  


Worst Mom…Evah!  I have fallen way behind on reading and commenting on blogs, but during this hectic week, I just had to read the latest Matthew Archbold gem on raising children.  I’m sure you’ll find it a good pick me up. 

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