Friday, May 11, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 49)

Graduation Celebrations All Around! I have a few dear friends who are graduating this weekend.  My best friend from high school Holly has completed her studies to become a nurse practitioner in the field of women’s health.  My Christ Renews His Parish sister Marshneil is receiving her undergraduate diploma and is headed off to pharmacy grad school in the fall.  Our friend Purity has earned her undergrad diploma and is the proud mama of a sixth month old.
It’s Official! Our dear brother in Christ John is now officially a seminarian for the Catholic Diocese of Richmond.  Kevin and I are so very excited for him!  He’ll begin studying at St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore this August.  Praise God and to Him be all the glory!
Come on! Vivi has had a great deal of fun playing with her plastic princess tea set with water added.  I put the provisions in her little Dora Explorer wagon and a towel underneath those, and she had a blast pouring the little bit of water I gave her from teapot to tea cup and back.  When she’d spill some on herself and start to get worked up, I’d remind her it’s just water.  Before long, she was telling herself every few spills.  “It’s okay. It’s just water.”
Any day now...Vivi’s parents Jess and Carl are preparing for the birth of their twin girls, Livia and Sophia who are expected to make their grand debut any day now.  Someone asked me if Vivi had any idea that she was about to have two baby sisters.  I explained that’s too abstract a concept for her to grasp at present, then I added that until it happens it’s a bit much for Carl and Jess to imagine as well.    
The Avengers Kevin, John, and I went to see The Avengers movie this week as did a whole bunch of others, as it’s apparently surpassed all previous blockbuster records.  We loved it!  Kevin and I didn’t know a whole lot about the comic book characters coerced into working together to save the world, but we enjoyed it anyway.  If you get a chance, definitely go see it, but be sure to leave your children at home if they’re under 13!  It's comic book characters, but this movie is not for kids!
In Honor of Mothers Here’s the link to a fun poem I wrote in 2008 in honor of mothers.  Anyone who has worked with young children for any length of time will likely recognize a vast number of the children’s lit. references made in it. 

Please send prayers!  Kevin and I have received a number of prayer requests over the past week for people who are sick, dying, as well as for those who have lost loved ones and are in mourning.  Lord, I ask that You would show us how to be a loving, compassionate, peaceful presence to all who are suffering in mind, body, and spirit.  Help us remember to offer up every aspect of our day and certainly every one of our sufferings to You, so that they can be used, in union with Christ’s most perfect sacrifice on the Cross, to bring about the salvation of souls in time and eternity.  Amen.

Head over to Betty Beguiles, guest host of Jen Fulwiler’s 7 Quick Takes Friday this week. 
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