Thursday, May 10, 2012

Come My Beloved

   Come My Beloved is a concrete answer to some previously pending prayers of mine. This collection of stories about how couples were brought together, began dating, and were led to marry has confirmed a number of things for me.
     As is demonstrated in each one of these twelve accounts, God and His Will are truly amazing. Only He could think up such improbable meetings and circumstances as are detailed in this book to show His wisdom, love, humor, and perfect timing are with us throughout our lives, even during those periods when we seem to be doing a lot more searching than finding, or so it seems. Our prayers for that special someone will be answered in His way and on His timetable, and it will be for the greater good of souls in time and in eternity.
     I like the conversational set-up of the book. For most accounts, an interview of the couple was recorded, transcribed, and edited. What’s included for each couple is a dialogue between the husband and wife about their impressions of one another, their lives, beliefs, hopes, and dreams while they were dating up to the time they actually gave themselves to one another in the Sacrament of Marriage. Through this method of telling their stories, the reader gets a good sense of who each person was when the two first met as well as what transpired to draw them nearer to one another as well as closer to the Lord.
     The couples in this book represent a wide range of personalities, with a pretty vast variety of interests, career paths, and talents. Two unifying themes that are weaved throughout each story are: the necessity of having a genuine love, openness, and respect for others and the transformative power of a couple practicing their Catholic faith is nothing short of miraculous.
     These tales of true love are very inspiring, especially when so much of romance in the secular world is embedded with immorality, promiscuity, deception, fornication, and lies. These pairs weren’t perfect in the beginning and wouldn’t claim to be so now, but they have lived out their commitment to serve the Lord and one another as they promised in their solemn vows.
     I highly recommend this book!  To find out more about Come My Beloved, or to purchase your own copy, click here
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