Thursday, May 10, 2012

The 60 Minute Money Workout

The 60 Minute Money Workout is an easy-to-follow guide about how you and your family can get your finances into shape one hour at a time.  Ellie Kay, who is known as America’s Family Financial Expert®, describes in detail how you and your spouse and family can get out of debt, create a budget and stick to it, pay cash for your cars, save 10% and donate another 10% of your income to charitable organizations, while still saving for your kids’ college, and preparing for your retirement. 
This step-by-step tutorial on how to manage your money is very practical and quite feasible.  So often, it seems as if the task of financial planning, budgeting, and such is so complex we’re not sure where to begin.  Ellie Kay understands people’s tendency to be overwhelmed by the prospect of getting our financial house in order, and she addresses this inclination by providing one hour workouts that are easy to follow.  She is very upbeat, humorous, and matter-of-fact in her approach.  She lays out what to do in what order, and has broken the daunting prospect of remedying past financial decisions that weren’t the best, making better ones at present, and preparing wisely for the future. 
One of the things I really admire about The 60 Minute Money Workout is that Ellie Kay includes
personal stories about how and why she developed these strategies, then illustrates how she and her family have put them into practice with a great deal of success.  She’s included a plethora of resources on her website that are definitely worth checking out.
This military wife and her husband have seven children, so they’ve had to do some creative financing to make ends meet and get from the point of surviving to thriving.  Ellie Kay has put together this workbook complete with quizzes, and a one hour workout on each major topic that includes a: warm up, strength training, cardio burn, heart rate, and cool down.
I received The 60 Minute Money Workout for free from WaterBrook Multnomah PublishingGroup for this review.  To purchase your own copy of The 60 Minute Money Workout to get you finances in shape, click here.
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