Friday, June 15, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 54)

Fearless is a full-throttle, no holding back, breakneck-paced true story of Navy SEAL Adam Brown.  Ever since his childhood, Adam Brown was a risk taker who loved pushing the limits.  This engaging account of his life is nothing short of breathtaking, earth-changing, and absolutely miraculous.  Eric Blehm, New York Times Best-selling Author of The Only Thing Worth Dying For, has masterfully illustrated and expressed the fascinating trials, triumphs, tribulations, and turmoil that defined a man hardwired with a mission to give everything he had and was in mind, body, and spirit in service to his country, his family, and his comrades…Read more here.

Family Fun with Kevin’s sisters and their families has been quite enjoyable.  As has been tradition since way before Kevin and I first met, everyone has gathered at the cottage to share a meal, catch up with one another, laugh a lot, and (a new fave this trip) play some very intense games of Mexican train dominoes.  It’s still hard to believe that I was sixteen when my mom, sisters, and I first rented the other side of the cottage and met Kevin and his family.  
Dinnertime Discussions Yet again we have covered some quite unusual subject matter at suppertime.  The first time I came over to have dinner with Kevin and his family years ago when we were dating, one of his sisters started talking about the breast reduction she’d gotten a while back, and his other sister said “the girls have been peeing in the yard, and they don’t even bother covering it up anymore.”  I was rather shocked by the second comment until I recalled that sister has two sons, and must therefore she must be talking her cats.  Colonoscopy was the most out there subject brought up during our most recent family meal.
BBQ Junction: The Dinosaur is an old train station turned into one of the best barbecue places on the planet.  We went there for lunch today to savor mouth-watering ribs, chicken, beef brisquet, and pulled pork slow-roasted for hours.      
Sacred Heart Cathedral This afternoon we went to Mass at the cathedral.  I remember years ago calling around to find somewhere with a Sunday evening Mass, so we could go out on the boat with Kevin that morning.  I was wearing a dress, ready for church and not planning on getting wet, so when we found a later Mass, Kevin offered to carry me out to the boat.  I took him up on his offer, but I had my feathers a bit ruffled when he unceremoniously threw me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.  I never thought back then that I would someday be married to Kevin and we’d be going to Mass together. 
Abbott’s Frozen Custard One of my mom’s absolute favorite desserts here is chocolate almond custard with extra almonds on top.  That’s exactly what I had Thursday evening after walking the Charlotte Beach pier, taking pictures of a beautiful sunset, like I did so often back when Kevin and I were first getting to know each other.
Reaching Out in Love is the name of a collection of stories told by Blessed Mother Teresa.  A quote from it really spoke to me as I have wondered what God would like of me.  Mother Teresa made this comment to two Japanese gentlemen who were interviewing her about the work of the Missionaries of Charity and their work: “Our love for God in action is our service to the poor.  Your love for God in action is to write properly.  Your love for God is to write the truth, to spread goodness, to spread beautiful things.  This is the way you put your love for God in action.”  I believe this is part of the answer the Lord has given to me about what He wants me to do, or keep doing, and how He intends for me to reach out to others in love.      
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