Friday, June 22, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 55)


“Once Upon a Time” Camp this week was a super-smashing success!  I really enjoyed being lead teacher for a camp that combines some of my favorite things: reading, children, learning, and laughing.  We read a number of popular children’s books, made some cute pig and colorful big bad wolf puppets and got to take turns using them for improv shows.  Check out the other awesome camp offerings available through Richmond Montessori School here.  There’re still a few spaces left in a couple of my camps.     


 Oh-so-sleepy It’s always difficult going back to work after vacation, but Kevin and I really like the people we work with which certainly makes it easier to return.  We were both really exhausted at the beginning of this week, though.  I can’t believe it’s gone by so quickly, that it was less than a week ago that we were still enjoying our time in Rochester, NY.  As always, on the drive up two weeks ago, I knew that it would seem like no time at all had passed and we’d find ourselves back in the car headed South.  And that’s precisely what happened.     


Creative Writing Workshop for Adults is being offered in the Richmond area for one week.  Whether you have a lilt for the lyrical or a passion for prose, you’ll have your inner muse kicked into high gear as we explore the spectacular world of creative writing. We’ll see how music, art and stimulating our five senses inspire us to create literary masterpieces (or at least the beginnings of such). Discover your writing gifts and learn how to hone those literary skills.  Register online at Richmond Montessori School under "Summer Programs." 


Dominating in Dominoes Kevin and I have a new gaming obsession thanks to his sisters: Mexican train dominoes.  We played it a couple different times with his sisters and their spouses, and we actually had a really good tutor in our corner the first time we played, which was nice because these games can get pretty hardcore.  John beat everyone when we all played together, so we had to have a rematch, and he won against just Kevin and me, too.  I bought a set so Kevin and I can play at home, too.  Justice will be served, dear brother :)      


Friday Fish Fry Last Friday, Kevin, his three sisters, Deb, Wendy, and Chari, our beloved brother in Christ John, and I went to Schooner’s restaurant on the Genesee River to get a fish fry.  It was a beautiful evening to sit outside, be on the water, share a meal with loved ones, and even listen to a live band.    


Blast from the Past Kevin had to laugh when he saw that a buddy of his from back in the day when he owned his own music studio was the singer/guitarist for the band playing at Schooner’s that evening.  As soon as Mickey Ames (guitarist/vocalist of The Fools) spotted Kevin, he announced that KP was in the house.  Since Kevin was no longer a drummer in a band, running sound for a band, and had gotten rid of his recording studio by the time we met, I feel that I’m getting a glimpse into his former life. 


How Sweet It Is Ever since I was in utero, we’ve gone to Rochester, New York in the summer, but this was the first time that Kevin and I got to show someone who had never been there around, and it was fun.  John took the train up and arrived late a week ago last Tuesday to stay with us at the cottage for a few days.  The three of us really had a good time.  It was neat taking John to the many different places that have been significant for Kevin and me throughout the course of our relationship, and also introducing him to Kevin’s family, and to our favorite restaurants. Oh, yeah, and now he understands why we like being on the lake so much and has experienced some of what I've written about in the memoir I've been working on about the miraclous series of events God orchestrated to bring Kevin and I together and keep us best friends until we could date. 

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