Monday, July 30, 2012

Trisha’s No Holds Barred Travel Tips

  1. Just because someone walks quickly doesn’t mean she knows where she’s going and won’t        get lost.
  2.    In the event that you will be sharing a room with someone, find out in advance if/how the          person does with jet lag and getting adjusted to time changes.
  3.    All are welcome to join in the fun when there’s a wedding reception in Ireland; you don’t have to know anyone in the wedding party or even among the guests.
  4.      Take care in biting into day-old baguettes.  The dentists might be on strike that week.
5.      Some taxi cab services will not come to a large train station, they’ll want you to give them a specific address.  Condemned buildings in the ghetto do not constitute a specific address in their eyes.
6.      Desperate times call for desperate measures.  If it’s your only viable option to accept a ride from a complete stranger in the middle of the night, make sure that there are no bodies in the trunk before getting in the vehicle and have in mind that if necessary, you must be prepared to jump out of a moving vehicle if it becomes imperative to your survival.
7.      Mind the gap in England.
8.      Tourists look up.  If you want to blend in, make sure you don’t walk into poles in the middle of the sidewalk while admiring the ancient architecture.
      9.      A shockingly high number of Europeans are of the mindset that pedestrians don’t deserve the right of way when crossing the street, even at a designated crosswalk, so when in doubt run for your life. 
      10.  Insurance will not pay for the transportation of your body back to the United States if the accident was your fault.
      11.  In the event that you accidentally miss your stop while riding the train, do not pull the emergency break of the train located in passenger cars whether or not you speak the language of the country fluently. 
12.  It is ill-advised to choose a hotel based on an outdated Let’s Go guide, unless of course, you have no problem with a hotel that has narrow hallways, toothless receptionists, no bathroom doors, spiders in your bed, and/or rooms directly above a very popular bar and/or dance club.
13.  Always be prepared for a torrential downpour.
14.  Keep some change with you, especially in countries where they make you pay to use public bathrooms.
      15.  Be extra careful eating any desserts with large amounts of whipped cream on top.  Check                 the windows, your jacket, your companions’ attire, and nearby patrons for any free            
            ranging/far-reaching white dollops.
     16.  In some locales, the mere act of asking for the check will cause the server to avoid you for an hour or more especially if you aren’t fluent in the language.
      17.  Do not leave your luggage unattended in airports, train stations, subways, etc.  In some countries, the security measure taken when items are left unattended are to seize them and take them somewhere they can be destroyed.
      18.  If someone in an airport terminal tells you he can’t tell you ahead of time how much it will cost for him to make you a sandwich, get grub elsewhere assuming that astronomical add-ons would be involved.

19.  Make sure to notice the exits in your hotel in the event that other guests have not learned the basics of fire safety or smoking faux-pas.
20.  Before making reservations at a particular place, ask if the opening to the shower is wider than 60cm. (especially if you are). 

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