Friday, August 3, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 61)

Olympic Inspiration: I love this video and song and have been playing it repeatedly this week as it's got a great beat and a powerful message:  

Olympic Couchfuls My husband’s keen Olympic observations from the couch:
“I’m breathing harder from saying she’s not breathing hard” [than she is from kicking everyone’s tails in the 100m race].
About the Judge standing behind the female runners at the starting block: “I don’t think the guy with that hat has got a chance.”
Funniest Winter Olympics Bit by Seinfeld Kevin and I absolutely love this bit, and I believe you will enjoy it as well:  "There's no bobsled; it's just Bob."

No you didn’t!  I was glancing at the Olympics this afternoon while holding one of the twins and decided two things after one quick look at the TV: firstly, if what I was seeing on the screen was synchronized swimming, then everyone really sucked because they weren’t together at all and their heads were above the water way too much of the time.  (Turns out it was water polo.) My second thought us below. 

Never Ever! Today I decided that there’s one thing I’d definitely never do in the Olympics (even in the event that I suddenly got into ridiculously good shape and became extremely athletic overnight): any sport where people would take footage of me from a digital video camera located underwater while I was wearing a bathing suit.  I’m quite certain that’s not any sort of vision that would bring countries together or inspire anyone to stay up late and watch just one more event. 

Here’s Your Sign I struggled quite a bit putting on the stupid swim goggles the first and only time I attempted water skiing and took this as a clear sign this venture would not lead me to a career in water sports.  Kevin’s advice to me the first time I tried to get up on skis was “just stand up.”  It’s no wonder I never really mastered the trick.  I asked if he could tell me a little more about what I should do, but he instructed me to do one thing and one thing only, and I couldn’t do it without falling over in a matter of seconds.  I tried really hard over and over again, and though I did manage to stand up, I was never able to stay up.  In the process, my arms were almost yanked out of their sockets, and I lost a pair of goggles, which at present are likely buried deep under a sand bed in Lake Ontario.

Prolific Poopers With all of this competition going on, I wonder who would have come in first place if an Olympic pooping competition had been held in our area among those under the age of four this week.  I know some contestants who would certainly have taken home some metals.  It never ceases to amaze me how much little people, especially babies, can produce in the way of poop when they have such little bodies.  Kate Wicker, a fellow blogger who has four young little ones had something to the effect of hazardous waste removal specialist as part of her  job/blog description until a parent actually e-mailed her and asked about how to get rid of something other than lots of dirty diapers.  Pretty funny.
I hope you don’t have a crappy weekend!
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