Friday, August 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 64)


Baab Baby Baptisms took place last Sunday at the 5:30 Mass.  Livia Marie and Sophia Jane Baab were brought into the Catholic Church with several family members and friends in attendance.  I am Livia’s Godmother, and Kevin’s Sophia’s Godfather.  To see pictures and read more about the blessed occasion, click here.


John Baab’s New Beginning This Thursday, August 23, 2012, our dearly beloved brother in Christ moved in to St. Mary’s Seminary and University in Baltimore.  Kevin and I are really excited for our best friend as he embarks on this next step in answering God’s call to serve the people of the Diocese of Richmond as a priest. 
    We love you lots and are sending an abundance of prayers your way while trusting that now is the time.  Continue living in obedience’s to God’s love and His Will, and we have no doubt you will continue to be an important vessel for the Lord’s mercy, compassion, healing, and forgiveness.   



A Slice of Friendly’s Wattamelon roll is to me what a madeleine was to Proust, at least when it comes to savoring the summers of my childhood.  My parents, sisters, cousins, and I used to walk from my grandparents’ house to the Friendly’s up the street to get ice cream.  Our favorite was their signature wattamelon roll, only available in the summertime.  This delectable dessert is the perfect combination of watermelon flavored sherbet with chocolate chips in it surrounded by a white arc of lemon sherbert with a thin layer of green on the outside.  When we were stopping by for take-out, we’d settle for a cone of their wattamelon sherbert with chocolate chips in it. 


Vacation: epic fail Kevin and I couldn’t help but laugh Thursday evening when we realized that in the past two days, we’d been to Advance Auto twice and had our one meal out at Wendy’s in the land of amazing independently-owned burger joints.  No swimming, no indulging in foods available here only…My mother would be appalled!   


From Prayer to Right There Kevin and I were greeted very warmly at daily Mass on Wednesday evening by Rosemary, a faithful prayer warrior who befriended us last summer.  When she’d been praying during Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament that very afternoon, Rosemary had thought of us and guessed with a bit of sadness that she probably wouldn’t see us again this year.  She was so joyful to see us a few hours later that she could barely contain herself.       


Make new friends, but keep the old…is a good line from a song, and a wise suggestion for life.  A renewed friendship with a classmate of mine I met for the first time in fifth grade at St. Mary’s School has been such a wonderful blessing!  Laura (then Muller) Stapleton and her husband Jeff have become dear friends of ours over the past three years.  Interestingly enough, Laura and I are much closer now and have more in common than we ever realized back when we were wearing blue plaid uniforms.  I find it very promising that God keeps people in our lives or reintroduces them at a later date when He knows they’ll help bring us closer to Him.   


Sixteen Candles It’s hard to believe that it was sixteen years ago that Kevin and I first met at their family’s cottage.  I had just finished my sophomore year of high school and an exhausting move when Kevin and his dad befriended my mom, sisters, and me.  Only the Lord God Almighty could have orchestrated what would happen over the next sixteen years.  Our relationship, our vocation discernment, our marriage, Kevin’s return to the Catholic Church…are all proof that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!

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