Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baab Baptisms, Glowing Godparents, & the Light of Christ

 Livia Marie and Sophia Jane Baab were baptized last Sunday evening at 5:30 Mass at St. Michael the Archangel.  As is often the case for a special event, the Baab clan, the Crocker contingent, plus friends took up the first three rows at Mass and then some.  Their parents Carl and Jess brought the twins and their 2 and ½ year old Vivi into church for the sacrament.  The first order of business was to change the cuties from their comfy Onesies into bright white dresses with an ample amount of tulle and tiny beads. 
The girls actually did well with the transformation, though, you could tell they were wondering why they had this sudden excess of somewhat itchy material all around them.  Vivi was as cute as could be in her little dress.  Jess made sure she was wearing the colors chosen for each of the girls: blue toenails for Vivi, pink fingernails for Livia, and a purple dress for Sophia.  The color coordinating began mainly in order to make it easier to tell the twins apart.  Livia is usually pretty in pink while Sophia is precious in purple. 
Luke (Carl’s brother), and I served as Livia’s Godparents, while Amy (Carl’s sister) and my husband Kevin served as Godparents for Sophia.  The twins slept through most of Mass, up until it was their turn to be brought into the Catholic faith at the Baptismal font.  The holy water poured on their heads and the singing and clapping that followed woke the sleeping beauties at least temporarily.  Kevin and I were so overjoyed we could hardly stand it!  Livia is my first Goddaughter.  Kevin’s Godfather to his niece Andrea and now also to Sophia. 
Here is an excerpt from our letters to the Baab twins on the day of their Baptisms: “Your parents asked Kevin and me if we would be your Godparents the evening we had a welcome home party for your uncle Luke, after he returned from serving our country in Afghanistan.  That was also the evening your uncle John announced that he’d been accepted into seminary.  We had lots to celebrate and were very excited we’d get to play a special role in your spiritual lives!
Baptism is only the beginning of a lifetime of learning about God’s love for you, for all of us.  We already see God in you, as you’re clearly a dearly beloved daughter of His, a true miracle. The abundance of grace and countless blessings the Lord showers upon you and your family through this Sacrament of Initiation will be seen in the days, weeks, and years to come.”

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