Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Perhaps You're Dehydrated?!

     Dehydration and exhaustion are the two primary suspects in some quite humbling situations this week.  I’m hoping that my ATM episode has only gone viral within the specific bank where I deposited a check yesterday.  I have used numerous ATMs over the years without incident, but this was not one of those times.  First off, I didn’t pull up close enough to the machine which usually isn’t a big deal, because I can still reach the buttons and touch-screen if I take my seatbelt off during the transaction and lean out of the window a little.  In this particular instance, I had pulled a bit too far ahead and was also out a bit too far, but someone had already pulled in behind me, so I resorted to removing my seatbelt and doing my best contortionist move to reach the ATM.  When that position became too painful to sustain, I admitted absolute defeat and opened my car door, so I could step partway out of the car, making it even more obvious dehydration and serious need of a nap were robbing me of my ability to deposit a check without a deposit slip as easy as it sounds.  I would like to apologize sincerely to the poor individual who pulled up behind me, especially if he or she is more inclined to get angry instead of laugh hysterically at a ridiculous predicament.  

Where’s my snack?

     This morning, I packed myself a yummy, kind of healthy snack for the day: an apple, carrots, sugar snap peas, string cheese, and a single serving bag of chips.  I put all of these items in a plastic Kroger bag, and I cannot for the life of me figure out where I put it. 
     In my defense, I did have quite a bit to carry to my car and take into school this morning including several canvas and plastic bags in addition to my purse (which my husband refers to as my suitcase or small minivan), water bottle, etc.  The good news is that without my carefully packed snack and before having eaten my lunch, I was able to deposit a check this afternoon at an ATM without even having to remove my seatbelt.  Of course, this is when there wasn’t anyone behind me to witness it. 

     So, if you find a Kroger bag with my snack in it, help yourself to anything that hasn’t gone bad, put the rest in a compost pile, and please recycle the bag.  And if you have seen the footage of me and my ATM ineptitude yesterday, do me a favor and send it to me.  I’m ready to laugh about it now.

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