Saturday, September 1, 2012

“What do You want of me?” Part II of IV

     The week before last, I was thinking, processing through writing, and praying about many of the same what’s next or what now sentiments (See “What do You want of me?” Part I, Part III, and Part IV for specifics), and it was one of those times when I felt that I got a very direct answer from the Lord that came through me right onto the page.  After journaling on my thoughts and feelings, fears and concerns for a while, I asked pointblank, “Lord, what do You want of me?”
      This is the answer that came through me onto the paper: “Your heart, mind, body, and spirit—your feelings of futility, your inadequacies, fidelity, fertility, eternity—all that I gave you I’d like you to give willingly back to me out of love, trust, and faith—with joy and confidence in my unconditional love and boundless mercy for you and all I have created.” 
     When I shared what I’d received through prayer, Kevin responded with: “I bet you didn’t ask him again.” 
     Actually I have kept asking God that question and others like it, and I have every intention of continuing to do so.  As I’ve discussed with Kevin, our dearly beloved brother John, and some other close friends who share our faith, discernment is a life-long process.  Sometimes, we may know clearly what next step God wants us to take or perhaps some distant goal He’d like us to aim for, but we’re going to have to keep listening to find out what we should do next or what we should ultimately set our eyes and heart on.  (For more on this topic, check back for future posts: “What do You want of me Part III and Part IV.)
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