Sunday, September 2, 2012

“What do You want of me?” Part III of IV

     It’s often much easier for me to believe and really trust that God is guiding and will show loved ones the way than it is for me to trust that He’ll let me know what I need to do or what’s next when the time’s right.  (For more on this, see “What do You want of me? Part I and Part II, Part IV.)  Kevin and I take great joy in seeing how God’s working in and through the lives of those around us.  Sometimes His provision and love for them is so lovingly lavish to the point it’s almost extravagant.  We marvel at how many struggles and problems He brings them through with solutions far better than anything they’d come up with on their own.  We see the incredible beauty and love God has placed in them, we smile hearing the miracles He’s doing in their lives, and we are certain the abundant blessings will continue. 
     I think that’s part of the reason why community is so important.  It can be far easier to see and believe that God is in and working through others in powerful, significant ways, than it is to trust He’s also working in and through us.  We need other people in our lives so we can see and affirm God working in and through them just as we need others who can see us more through God’s eyes than our own or those of the secular world. 
     I can’t count the number of times when my husband, a family member, or friend has been telling me about a situation, and I’ve been struck with what a kind, loving person they are.  I usually know this ahead of time about the individual, but when I hear another example of what the person believes is just a small, everyday occurrence, I’m able to see it as one of the “small things with great love” Blessed Mother Teresa talked about so often.   
     I’m always interested and find it kind of amusing when Kevin tells me that someone at work gave him a really nice compliment.  He’s always blown away by such things, and I have to explain to him that I’m not shocked like he is about such affirmations.  They don’t surprise me nearly as much because I already know he’s a hardworking, kind, compassionate coworker and friend.  I know he will bend over backwards to help a customer and probably make them laugh a little in the process.  These are more facts than news to me.  That’s not what they are for Kevin, though.  He genuinely doesn’t see himself in the same loving light as others do. 

     My special prayer for each of us: Dear Lord, please bless us on our spiritual journeys.  Help us open up our hearts so that the Holy Spirit is able to move freely in and through us to bring others closer to You.  Sanctify our minds, bodies, and spirits, so we are strong, holy vessels for Your word, love, and Truth.  Give us peace that passes all understanding, a sense of deep, unquenchable joy, and a profound trust in You.  Guide us to choose Your will in all areas of our lives.  Show us how precious we are to You, and grant us the ability to see ourselves and others through Your loving eyes.  Amen. 
     (Click here to read: "What do You want of me?" Part IV.)
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