Friday, October 12, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 71)


Election 2012 and Christians I don’t often post things that are political as I’m quite sick of hearing all sorts of slander against all candidates.  I don’t want anyone else calling me and asking me who I’m going to vote for.  I would like to offer my suggestions as to how you come to your decision of which candidates to support for public office: research the issues, find out where the candidates stand on them, take the whole matter to the Lord in prayer, listen to Him, then go vote for whom your well-informed conscience and the Creator and Savior of us all guides you.


Want a Few More Voter Guidelines? Check out this great article of “Ten Things Christians Need to Remember This Election."


How Do You Tuck in a Superhero? You tuck in a superhero with cleverness and creativity, loads of love, heaping helpings of humor, and gobs of grace.  After babysitting, teaching, tutoring, and nannying boys, I knew I would totally appreciate and find great hilarity in the antics recorded by a mother of five wild and crazy boys (and since the book was published one sweet little girl).  I laughed hysterically at Rachel Balducci’s pithy writing, straight-up observations, and comical quotes.  If you have taken care of boys or spent any length of time around them, you will likely identify with this book and find it highly amusing as much as insanely accurate in describing the temperament of many young boys. 
     How Do You Tuck in a Superhero? is a wonderful collection of true short stories, funny bullet-point lists, and some absolutely priceless quotes directly out of the mouths of her own testosterone-driven brood…Read more.


Elementary Flashback: This week while substituting at school in one of the lower elementary (grades 1-3) classrooms, I saw the absolute opposite of what I experienced when in third grade when we had to do our math time tests. 
     Before the group began, the teacher reminded them that several of them had tests that were different lengths and not to worry if others finished before they did.  The kids were given as long as they needed to finish the problems and they recorded the time it took them.  The papers were scored and recorded in the grade book without ceremony.  
     This sent me in memory drift to the desk near the back of the classroom where I was sitting when my teacher returned my latest times table test which I’d aced and loudly announced to everyone in the room in all seriousness, “I guess this means I’ll have to take away your crown as Queen of Doing Everything Wrong.”  Yeah, ouch!  It's kind of funny how I’m now speed checking all of these math problems as a substitute teacher.  Take that mean math teachers! 


Everyone Loves a Baby Though it’s been a good, busy, exhausting week, I’ve made a point of catching up on some of the blog posts by some stay-at-home parents who make me laugh.  This one about Matthew Archbold taking his Godson to a young girls’sporting event caught my attention and gets my vote. 

Back on the Shelf Vivi has a keyboard that she loves to play.  She can play the keys, have it play different beats, speed up or slow down the tempo, and even sing nursery rhymes.  It’s quite a neat set-up, except for one little button: No, not one marked Off.  The problem at least for those of us over the age of four is the “Loop” button.  I can handle listening to a string of different children’s songs, nursery rhymes and such and even sing along several times a day (obviously, or I would never make it taking care of young children), but my patience and tolerance for hearing the same thing over and over again runs thin when I hear the same 20 second clip of music, not that great of a recording either, of children singing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” literally 30+ times in a row.  I feel like squashing the spider and pitching the keyboard.  When I reach that point, I calmly ask Vivi to push a different button.  If she refuses, the keyboard is re-shelved way out of reach.


Nanny with a Passion for Photography As anyone who knows me can attest, I love children and have a passion for photography, so the two come together nicely when I nanny.  Capturing the cuties on camera is fun for me, something the parents appreciate when I hand them CDs filled with adorable photos of their kids from their daytime adventures, and it’s a lot of fun for Kevin, too.  Honestly, he can get a bit jealous that I get so much time with little ones.  He’s genuinely interested in hearing the stories about our day and seeing the pics I’ve taken of little ones having fun.  Who wouldn’t, really?  The kids I’ve nannied for have a penchant for doing and saying hilarious things, and they were then and are now all so flippin’ cute!

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