Sunday, October 14, 2012

Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life

     I’m truly amazed by this man’s story, his life, his commitment to helping others, his ability to have fun, and his mission to give other’s hope.  I might not have heard about Nick Vujicic if I weren’t a book reviewer for Waterbrook Multnomah’s Blogging for Books program.  I received an e-mail from them publicizing Nick’s book Unstoppable that’s hot off the press this month.  I watched the video trailer for his new book, checked out a music video he’d done, and watched a couple of his speaking engagements on Youtube, and I was absolutely certain I’d not only want to read his new book, but that I had to get my hands on a copy of his first book Life Without Limits immediately if not sooner.
     I can’t say enough good things about Life Without Limits which is probably part of the reason it’s taken me so long after reading the book, and trying to digest it, before I’ve sat down to write the review.  Again, Nick, his incredible journey, positive attitude, strong faith, and perseverance have really inspired me at yet another time in my life when I’m wondering if, how, and for what greater purpose God can use me. 
     The suffering and pain Nick has experienced isn’t sugar-coated or watered down, which I appreciate.  I believe it’s important to let others know that our lives aren’t perfect, that we have difficult periods, and that we need to keep learning and growing like everyone else.  There are some books in which the subject of suffering is treated in a way that seems to encourage pity or sadness because of what the author has been through.  Nick is honest about the hurt he’s experienced in a way that is human, humbling, and vulnerable instead of approaching things with a “poor, pitiful me” attitude.  Though I can’t imagine facing most of the major challenges that he has conquered in life, he never seems to approach or talk to others in a “my suffering is clearly worse than anything you’ll ever go through, so stop feeling sorry for yourself” manner. 
     Nick understands that there are many different types of suffering, some far worse than anything he’s experienced, and it’s for those people who think their lives are pointless, worthless, or uselessthat he keeps going. 
     One of my favorite aspects of this book (and there are many) is that it is both well written and edited.  The stories in it are fresh, original, personal, and the suggestions, guidance, and examples of how to have “a ridiculously good life” are actually relevant and make sense.  There are some motivational speakers/authors who repeat a few messages over and over without really making them fresh, personal, or easy to connect with on a deeper level.  In the past, I’ve been disappointed by some of the books written by internationally known speakers, because they are so poorly edited that it would have been better if their book hadn’t gone to press.    
     Life Without Limits has really thrown me for a loop.  Yet again, the Lord has seen fit to guide me to a person of faith with a message of hope when so many of my dreams and ambitions seem to have been postponed, cancelled, or completely ruined. 
     Truthfully there have been times that I have felt more depressed after reading this book, because I have gotten into the downward spiral of thinking that I should have done something more significant with my life by now.  I should have made a bigger difference in the world, given more people hope, brought more people to Christ.  Another great thing about this book is that Nick doesn’t limit the ways that people can love, minister to, and encourage others.  He affirms that all of us have something to offer regardless of our obvious or not-as-evident weaknesses and flaws. 
     It’s always a pleasure to read a book written by someone you know you’d love to meet and talk with for a while.  I just know my husband and I would have a blast visiting with Nick Vujicic. 
     In a lot of ways, Nick’s done what I’ve wanted to do on a larger scale for quite some time, take what I’ve been given and use it the best way I can in order to glorify the Lord and bring others closer to Him by loving, encouraging, and supporting them.
     There’s also the theme of “all things work for good for those who love God” from Romans 8:28 running through Life Without Limits that quickly spoke to me as I’ve identified that as one of my life verses and certainly a central one in my relationship with Kevin as we’ve gone from best friends, to a couple, to husband and wife.  
     They say hope floats, but now we see that vessels of this gift from God can also swim, fly, surf, write, and inspire millions.  If a man born without arms or legs can overcome such tremendous obstacles and become such a faith-filled example for others, then it is clear that, with God, we, too, can be the source of love and hope who He has created each of us to be.
     To learn more about Nick Vujicic and his organization Life Without Limbs, click here.  To read an excerpt from his book and/or buy or download a copy of your own, click here
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