Friday, November 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 77)

My Nanny Diary Here I am with three of the best reasons on the planet to be a nanny.  

My mom came over at lunchtime, and though I’d missed her text and therefore didn’t know she was coming, as soon as she knocked on the door, Vivi said, “It’s Miss Ann!”  She was right.  My mom enjoys being the “grandnanny” of such adorable children.  Who wouldn't?!    
Singing at Church On Sundays, Kevin and I usually get to Mass a little early and save a whole row so we have enough room for Carl, Jess, Vivi, Livia, and Sophia (and their gear).  Vivi usually ends up wanting me to hold her at some point, and she’ll snuggle up in my arms.  As if that weren’t enough to make my heart melt, I hear her singing some of the words to the hymns with us, particularly the ones we sing at each Mass.  Kevin’s been telling me all week that I need to tell John, Vivi's Godfather, about this.  We shared the update with him yesterday in person.      
Smells like…One day this week Vivi brought me a group of dead leaves still on the stems and said they were flowers and to smell them, so I did. They smelled like love and the joy of a child.

What if Aristotle’s kid had an iPod?  Chances are his father would have severely limited him using it and any similar electronic devises in favor of fostering human interaction, real life experiences, and face-to-face conversations. What Conor Gallagher in his modern-day application of Aristotle’s concepts claims (in a nutshell) is that parents and children need to spend more time together unplugged.  I wholeheartedly agree for a myriad of reasons… 
To read a full review of If Aristotle’s Kid Had an iPod: Ancient Wisdom for Modern, click here.
Going to the outback! My mom's very excited about her trip to Australia.  Please pray that she has a safe, peaceful, blessed vacation.  We'd also appreciate prayers that my grandmother won't worry too much when my mom's gone.  Her memory's just about shot and she's sometimes feared she'd never see my mom again when she's gone on a trip because she's so used to having her visit every day.  Gram's happy to see me, but she always asks where Mom is and when she'll be back.   

Books to Devour Monday I went to the library after work to pick up the last two books of The Hunger Games trilogy (which I finished reading on Thanksgiving, irony intended). I came home to two new books delivered to my door (which I didn't have to pay for because I'm reviewing them). Then two other free books for me to review arrived a day later.  It's a good week to be a voracious reader like me!
Thanksgiving We had a very blessed Thanksgiving! Thursday morning we went to Mass to celebrate the heavenly feast of the Eucharist. In the afternoon, we joined the Baab clan for their family meal. Yesterday  evening we went over to Mary and Jordan's for our second turkey dinner with all of our traditional family faves (and some new ones), then we got to sit out by their fire pit and visit for a while. Lord, thank You for the many blessings You have given to Kevin and me, especially for Your Son and our many loved ones!    

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