Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's

     Somewhere over the rainbow, there’s a group of Christians having a whole lot of fun creating hilarious programs that will have you and your whole family laughing out loud.  My husband and I have never heard or seen a Veggie Tales song or DVD we didn’t like.  Of course, some are fresher in our minds than others, while certain silly songs and clever twists on Bible stories are forever ingrained in our minds and likely to creep into our conversations. 
     Whenever we hear Bible readings at Mass that remind us of stories covered by this ace team of very inspired personnel, we look at each other and smile.  On occasion we’ve been known to whisper to each other and laugh.     
     The Wonderful Wizard of Ha’s is another hit DVD from the Veggie Tales gang.  After a long, rather exhausting week, I knew Kevin and I would need something to make us laugh, so I asked to borrow this DVD we hadn’t yet seen from the family for whom I nanny.  Make no mistake; though Kevin and I don’t have children of our own, we still have a small collection of Veggie Tales DVDs and CDs at home.  We just don’t have this one nor had we seen it before. 
     This parody of The Wizard of Oz written to tell children the story of the prodigal son cracked us up.  Two of our favorites plays on the original work had to be “Follow Old Yellow McToad” and “Ohioans and fifers and mares, Oh My!”  Trust the creative geniuses behind Veggie Tales to come up with a memorable, kid-friendly version of the parable of a wayward son. 
     For more information about Veggie Tales, check out their online store here.  For specifics about The Wonderful Wizard of Ha’s DVD, click here. 
     Here are my reviews of a few other of our Veggie Tales faves:
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