Friday, December 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 79)

Catholic, Reluctantly is the intriguing first book in the John Paul 2 High Series.  Of the John Paul 2 High characters, some actually try to live out their Catholic faith while others are Catholic in name only.  The different personalities and varying levels of understanding the Catholic faith intellectually and spiritually create a considerable amount of tension and challenge those involved to figure out where they stand and why.  The highly controversial struggle over whether it’s most important to keep the letter of the law and/or to live by the spirit of the law comes out in a slew of tricky circumstances…Read full review.

Prayers Please There are a number of people who have been on my heart and therefore in my prayers this week.  I ask that you would join me in praying for (Emeritus) Bishop Walter Sullivan who has been diagnosed with cancer and has gone into hospice care, a single mom with no family in this country who just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, a friend who lost her husband last year and in a couple weeks will be helping to put on a Rachel's Vineyard retreat for the first time without her beloved spouse.  I'ts also been on my mind and in prayer often that God will be close to those who are mourning the loss of loved ones, especially around the holidays.  
Captian Vivi to the RescueThursday, Vivi informed me that we needed to “go rescue Princess Mommy in Trisha's car." I let Jess know, and she didn't seem to be in harm's way. I love when kids use their imaginations (as long as Vivi doesn't actually head out the door without adult supervision while wearing only a short sleeve shirt, a pull-up, shoes on the wrong feet and carrying her purse with the little monkeys on it.)

For Faith & My Babe  This week I'm grateful for faith that remains no matter how down things get or hopeless they feel, and for a husband who manages to love me despite how selfish and gloomy I can be at times. I pray for all who don't know God is always with them and loves them unconditionally no matter what.

Visits with Grandma Kevin and I went to visit Grandma and take her outside on such a beautiful Tuesday. Since I still have the scar from my last adventure with Gram when Mom was out-of-town, I wisely waited for my husband to help me with the ridiculously heavy, strangely-rigged wheelchair this time.  For the record, if I ever live long enough to be in a nursing home, I hope that I’m as appreciative as my grandmother is for visitors.  I know she misses my mom, who’s been in Australia for the past couple weeks, but she thanked me every single day for coming to spend time with her in between asking me when I thought Mom might be coming back.       

Don’t Dump Grandma! When I attempted to take Gram outside on my own and we hit a pothole of sorts on the pathway out the main entrance, she slipped out of her wheelchair.  I was horrified then and for the rest of the evening, even though she had so much padding on her heavy recliner-like wheelchair that the extra padding slid down to the ground before she reached it.  She wasn’t hurt (not even a scratch on her) or even alarmed.  She just told me matter-of-factly that she thought she’d need help getting back up.  When Mother Paul came out to check on things, Gram also calmly told her she thought she would need help getting back up.  I loved Mother Paul’s response: “Ya think?!”  I felt awful and was a wreck from the time I left Gram pretty much for the rest of that night, but fortunately Gram was perfectly fine.
Advent: What are we waiting for? Here is a great short video on the true meaning of Advent set to a cool beat along with seven solutions for a successful Advent. 

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