Thursday, December 6, 2012

Two Statues

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the sanctuary?  It would seem so in this beautifully written novel about love, devotion, betrayal, friendship, honesty, healing, and Divine Providence.  Two statues of the Blessed Mother are burning up.  The townspeople, priests and bishops would like to know what’s going on and why.  Two priests are sent to investigate. 
Is there any connection between the two statues in different states giving off so much heat that the churches have to be closed?   
Four men go to great lengths to find the answers to the perplexing phenomenon and along the way discover some remarkable things about the true nature of God.
A priest/professor having a crisis of faith and questioning the goodness of God must revisit the pain of his troubled past in order to move forward and decide what he will do in the future.  His best priest/professor friend urges him to seek the Truth in hopes it will get him back on track. 
An elderly gentleman who retires to a quiet house on the beach to live out his days honoring his dearly departed wife is haunted by a secret that won’t let him rest.  He befriends his next door neighbor who helps him try to put his worries of the past to rest. 
The pace of this novel felt right.  I was definitely intrigued and wanted to keep reading.  The mark of a really interesting book is being able to figure out where things are headed and still being so engaged that you can’t wait to see how the solution you know has just got to happen will play out in black and white. 
For a number of reasons, Two Statues struck a chord with me.  The connection to loved ones lost and the bond between new friends found are palpable and quite powerful in this novel.  In the end it brought me to tears and a sense of resolution that only comes from the miraculous results of God at work in and through people to remind us of His Love.
For more information about Two Statues or to get your own copy of the book, click here.  I received a free copy of this book from Saint Benedict Press in order for writing an honest review of it.
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