Friday, January 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 85)

Pregnant?  Do you know the pregnancy resources available in your area?  Women need to know they have options and are not alone.  Here are two resources in our town for women facing an unplanned pregnancy to get help, ask questions, get honest answers, and have the support they need:
The Pregnancy Resource Center (804)673-2020    (800)395-HELP
Commonwealth Catholic Charities  1-866-259-5708
Just listen to his words & wonder: What if Obama advocated respecting all life?  What would it mean for our country?  How would it change the world?  What would it mean for our future?    

Adoption is an Answer  I watched this video clip that was posted on 7 Quick Takes Friday originator Jen Fulwiler’s blog today, and as soon as we got home this evening, I watched it again with my husband.  We both were very deeply moved.  What an amazing couple and a beautiful family!!    


Serving Up On the Altar
Those gathered for daily Mass this past Saturday morning, January 12, 2013, witnessed a beautiful sign of love and dedication to the Church in the chapel at Little Sisters of the Poor.  The priest who usually celebrates Mass there wasn’t well enough to do it, so the 93 year-old priest who typically concelebrates with him and gives out Communion while sitting in a chair on the altar was asked if he would be up to doing it with help.  Fr. Paul agreed, and our best friend and dearest brother in Christ John, was summoned to come up to assist him. 
     It was deeply moving to see a very elderly, devout priest sitting next to a young only just finished his first semester seminarian.  John helped him find the right prayers, consecration, and blessings for the Mass.  The lady sitting in front of Kevin and me said it was one of the most beautiful Masses she’d ever been to…Read more. 

Unconciously Wasting Paper?  I saw the following sign on a paper towel dispenser at a restaurant: “Please be conscious of paper towel use.”  It had been a long day in which I needed to use many paper towels to clean up a variety of messes while nannying which might be why my brain went in a different direction.  I found myself wondering if there are a lot of people who frequent that particular eating establishment who have tried to use paper towels while they are unconscious. 
Where to Draw the Line? I feel it’s important to foster children’s imaginations through creative play, but I still haven’t been able to figure out why Vivi keeps putting the puppy in the microwave.  (It’s a toy puppy going into a toy microwave!)  I’m not sure if she’s craving a hot dog or what.  It probably hasn’t helped that I often sing a little ditty from a Disney show she likes: “Hot dog! Hot dog!  Hot diggity dog!”  I figure as long as it’s a plastic puppy she puts in a pretend microwave instead of trying put one of her baby sisters in it, then we’re doing all right.  I suggested to her mom (who also doesn’t quite understand the Dalmatian damnation) that perhaps she’s pretending that it’s an incubator…for dogs.        

Rest in Peace We had a brief prayer service at the columbarium for my dad this past Monday evening. I have been thinking about him as well as my nana (his mom) often lately.  My mom, Mary (who’s pregnant with my parents’ first grandchild), Kevin, and I were outside in the rain holding umbrellas and praying for the repose of my father’s soul.  It was only raining lightly, but it still made me think of when we flew up to Buffalo, NY during a blizzard for my nana's funeral.  "May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace." Amen.

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