Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 92)

Our Newborn Nephew I'm being patient. Guess I'll have to wait until this weekend to meet Ezra Lewis, our newborn nephew. After 36 hours of labor and still not having slept at all Wednesday night, Mary and Jordan haven’t been up for visitors. They just want to sleep in their own bed. Hopefully, Ezra is tired from the move as well and will join them in a much-needed snooze.

Cardinals & the Conclave It’s a beautiful thing that the cardinals know enough about this process and its importance that they didn’t even mention setting a date for the conclave, yet.  If you would like an accurate report of what’s going on, who’s saying what, and how the process works, then be wise and check out a credible source for Catholic news.
Help Save Aquinas and More Since February of 2010 one of the awesome companies for whom I have been writing and posting my reviews of their books, movies, and music is Aquinas and More.  If you go to their Tiber River review site, you’ll see Top Reviewers, and I’m one of them.  There are many reasons I have written and posted 52 reviews for this company over the past three years.  Here are a few more reasons to help save their company from closing: they’re the only Catholic company that 1.)  has registries for seminarians and military chaplains 2.)  Our Good Faith guarantee  3.)    No products from China 4.) Get Imprimatur information on books offered on their website.
Creative Writing for Kids Monday I subbed at school in a 1-3 grad Montessori classroom, and since the teacher knows me and has asked me to come in for her before, she gave me free reign to do some fun creative writing with the kids in the afternoon.  I had them pretend that someone had asked them to write a mystery chapter book.  I had them each answer a series of questions and thereby create their main character, main conflict, setting, and point-of-view, then start writing.  It was really fun to see the kids so excited about what they came up with and eager to share with others their ideas.  Their teacher asked me if I’d like to come back and do some more creative writing with them.  Of course, I’d love to!

Just Visiting This Tuesday, our dear friend Laura, was taking care of the girls for the first full day, so I stopped by to visit.  It’s always so nice for me and the girls when we have visitors, all of whom love seeing the three cuties (of course), so I thought it’d be fun to swing by and say hi.  I ended up staying for an hour or so holding the twins, answering questions, and listening to what’s going on in my friend’s life. 
     It’s so easy to forget how much fun it can be to stop in and laugh, giggle, love on some little ones without having the larger responsibility of mealtimes, playtime, naptime, learning basic manners, gross and fine motor skills, potty training/diaper changing management to oversee.
     No wonder Kevin, Laura, and others have such a blast when they come over.  Pure cuteness, love, laughter, and none of the responsibility.  It can be a refreshing change and good way to see things from another angle. 
     I suggest parents not only have a date night, but that they also have some strictly fun, and (whenever possible) one-on-one playtime with each of their kids during the week.  We don’t forget how to enjoy and fall in love all over again with our spouse or our kids!          

What about…? I’ve gotten to ask a number of seemingly random questions, do some interesting research, and have some amusing exchanges with close friends via text and e-mail as I’m gathering bits and pieces for some of the scenes I’m working on for a young adult novel.  I had to laugh when I realized that the best person to ask about pranks would have been my dad (and his brothers).  I asked my mom, instead, since she knew a bunch of the ones he and his roommates pulled while in college.  If you’ve got any good ones that don’t involve causing permanent damage to property or serious physical harm to others, please let me know.      
Step Up Revolution Since I was young, I’ve loved dancing and watching amazing dancers perform.  After watching some of the clips of this movie online, I knew that Step Up Revolution would be a really mind-blowing blend of different types of modern dance. It is that indeed! It’s rated PG-13 for good reason.  This isn’t something to watch with young kids, but if you like dance, then you will absolutely love how creative, innovative, and explosive this choreography is.  Here’s the finale which is off-the-chain:

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