Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Not So-Little Newborn Nephew

I'm being patient. Guess I'll have to wait until this weekend to meet Ezra, our newborn nephew. After 36 hours of labor and still not having slept at all, Mary and Jordan aren't ready for visitors. They just want to sleep in their own bed. Hopefully, Ezra is tired from the move as well and will join them in a much-needed snooze.  
My sister Mary and her husband Jordan had their baby yesterday.  Their first child (who they didn’t know was a boy until the actual birth) has been named Ezra.  The not-so-little one was born Wednesday, March 6, 2013, at 12:12pm weighing it at a whopping 10lbs 13oz. and measuring 22in. long. 
Baby, mommy, and daddy are doing well, though all of them are way beyond exhausted.  My mom got to hold her first grandchild last night (in case you didn’t hear the sheer delight exuding from downtown), which she’s been looking forward to eagerly ever since she found out they were expecting.  Of course, she says he’s “cute as a button.”
It feels very, very strange to have my younger sister and her husband be the first to have children, but apparently I did something right that has helped prepare my mom to be a grandparent to a little boy. 
When I nannied for “my two little guys,” they were unofficially adopted into our family.  My mom, who they referred to as “MissAnn” or “TrishaMommy” both said all as one word, was a frequent visitor and someone we went to see regularly.  At one of boys’ homes was walking distance from the Pastoral Center offices, so I’d often pack the boys up with snacks, milk, and such, and we’d walk over to the VCU area and visit my mom who worked in one of the row houses near Monroe Park. 
Seeing how absolutely adorable the boys were, hanging out with us, hearing stories about them, and looking at the pictures I’d taken, my mom readily became their “grandnanny” so to speak.  She had a photo of each of them up on her desk at work, and she’d talk about them with friends, taking the opportunity to introduce me and “the boys” to anyone and everyone. 
My mom told me today that she’s grateful I nannied for the boys or she wouldn’t have such wonderful experiences being around baby boys to go on before Ezra was born.  Having raised three girls, she might have felt like she was unprepared for the joys of boys if it weren’t for her first two non-related grandcuties.

Already an Aunt & a Great-Aunt!
When Kevin and I married, I immediately became an aunt to his siblings' children, and in the past eight years, we’ve become a great uncle and great aunt.  Andrea, my husband’s Goddaughter, and her husband George who own a neat jewelry shop in upstate New York have two children, Jackson and Marley.
I’m excited that now I’ll get the opportunity that Kevin had for many years before we met of watching his seven nieces and nephews grow up.  Obviously, this is the first time one of my siblings has had a baby.  We’re looking forward to being an aunt and uncle to a newborn nephew who lives in town!    
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