Saturday, March 16, 2013

The First Station of the Cross

The First Station of the Cross: Jesus is condemned to death.

He was completely innocent, pure, and free of sin, but was sentenced to death for speaking the Truth the people found upsetting because it went against their way of seeing the world and God. 
No one likes to have their way of life challenged or judged.  We don’t like being criticized or forced to change.  However, when we get swept up in the ever-changing public opinions rather than seeking Truth at all costs, then we are very likely to become one of those in the crowd yelling: “Crucify him!”

What does mainstream society advocate today that condemn people to death? 

Abortion, embryonic stem cell research, the selling body parts of human fetuses for scientific experimentation, euthanasia, the death penalty, ethnic cleansing, in vitro fertilization, harvesting organs, the one-child policy in China, contraception most of which are actuallyabortificients, sterilization, test tube babies…

How do we wash our hands of the responsibility for protecting innocent life?

By not researching and learning about what the Bible says about it or what the Catholic Church teaches and why, by promoting lies about the physical, moral, emotional, and spiritual effects of abortion, ignoring clear Church teachings and advising others to do the same, donating money and/or time to organizations whose moneymaking centers on abortion, euthanasia, genocide, gendercide, taking advantage of the poor, slandering the innocent, and otherwise contributing to the culture of death.

Silence is acceptance.

We are just as guilty as those who carry out the crimes against life if we know something to be not only morally wrong, but intrinsically evil, if we do not speak out against it and take what action we can to inform others of the implications and ramifications the Lord has made clear to us. 
Out of sight, Out of Mind 

The decisions we make and actions we take that purposely jeopardize, damage, or destroy lives of others aren’t stains washed away from our hearts or souls by the passage of time, by the so-called justification of hateful practices, the fervor of public approval, or the legalization of such practices.  Once we have innocent blood on our hands, those stains remain on our hearts and souls until we acknowledge our sinfulness, ask for and are willing to receive God’s mercy.

Music Meditation: This song by music missionary Danielle Rose addresses a number of the evils that our society condones rather than condemns. The song's lyrics are here: "Crucify Him."  

Making it a Matter of Prayer
Lord, please help us use the courage and conviction You give us to teach others and show them by our lives how sacred human life is in all of its stages.  Keep us focused on You, Lord God Creator of Life, Love, and Truth, so that we may not be dissuaded or discouraged by the culture of death, but rather draw closer to You in prayer and an ever-growing hope in that which is holy, compassionate, merciful, and eternal.  Amen.
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