Friday, April 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 99)

Fun with Watercolors I’ve had fun painting with watercolors, one of Vivi’s favorite past-times as well.  Occasionally, I have an opportunity to paint with her.  Over the weekend, I felt like painting with watercolors.  Once the little pictures dried, I enhanced them with details drawn with colored pencils.    
Uploaded Wednesday Kevin brought pizza over to Carl and Jess’s for dinner, and we hung out with Jess and the girls while Carl was at an interest meeting for volunteers.  I finally remembered that I have about 600 some photos on my computer of the girls that I’ve been meeting to put on a flash drive or something for them.  I uploaded the photos and videos onto a flash drive, so their parents can enjoy them and pass them along to other members of the girls’ fan club.   

Overheard It always makes me smile and sometimes laugh right out loud when I hear Vivi singing a song or quoting a phrase from a favorite book, especially when it’s a little off from what the actual lyrics are.  The quotes from books, of course her faves by Dr. Seuss, are completely accurate. 
     Thursday, as she ran around in a little circle in the living room she randomly came up with the following lyrics to the tune of Jingle Bells: “Thank you wish, thank you wish, thank you, Santa Claus.”  I have no idea what made her think of Santa or jingle bells, but the fact that thank you is in the lyrics makes me very happy.  I’m also excited that she remembers to say: “May I please…”  Also this week, she's been singing: Where is pumpkin? Where is pumpkin? to tune of  “Where Is Thumpkin?”

Conversation for the Soul My friend Michele just found out that she'll be entering the Sisters by the Sea cloistered community in Carmel, California, August 6, 2013. She came over Tuesday afternoon so we could catch up.  Five hours later, we'd covered quite a bit.  We both enjoyed sharing our God-incidents and experiences from our recent trips—neither of which went the way we envisioned.  As usual, Michele had some amusing stories to share about her retreat, which didn’t end up being much of a retreat.  It was uplifting to hear the many instances in which God orchestrated things in ways Michele couldn’t have planned or even thought to ask for that made for quite memorable blessings.  One example, she was asked to perform her play "Teresita" for the cloistered sisters in the community where she staying at a hermitage in Pennsylvania for her "retreat," and when she finished, they sang to her the poem “In the Hands of God” on which her piece was largely inspired.  They’d set the poem to music for a special occasion the week before, a novice making her final vows.    

Now what?! One of my favorite quotes from our soul-spilling epic conversation with my beloved sister in Christ Michele came in the form of a clarification on the role of prayer and its affect on family relations: "I don't think that if I pray enough my family's not gonna act stupid anymore.”  Nothing’s impossible with God, but it’s highly probable that members of the same family are going to rile each other up (sometimes accidentally), have differences in opinion, and varying views on pretty much everything.

Heaven-Sent by God "We seldom realize fully that we are sent to fulfill God-given tasks. We act as if we have to choose how, where, and with whom to live. We act as if we were simply plopped down in creation and have to decide how to entertain ourselves until we die. But we were sent into the world by God, just as Jesus was. Once we start living our lives with that conviction, we will soon know what we were sent to do." -Henri Nouwen  I receive daily reflections from the Henri Nouwen Society via e-mail.  You can check them out and do the same here.

Kermit on Trial No, I’m not suggesting that Jim Henson’s green, lovable friend is on trial (that would actually get widespread news coverage and genuine concern about the injustices in life).  I’m talking about the Kermit who no one wants to talk about because it might look bad for the abortion industry to discuss how some abortionists have been killing babies after delivering them from the womb.  If you have any question about whether or not our media is biased, check out the media block-out of this trial.

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