Thursday, April 18, 2013

When Temptation Loses Face

I couldn’t help but laugh when Carl arrived home after work and a Target run with the biggest chocolate bunny I have ever seen in real life.  I don’t think I realized before that there was such a huge bunny available. 

A number of thoughts came to my mind when this vastly discounted after Easter chocolate bunny in a box was carried through the door.  1.  Is that a real edible chocolate bunny the size of a toddler?  2. How much chocolate was used to make that? 3.  How many people will it take to polish it off? 4. How many days will they take to nibble away at it?
The next morning, the bunny was on the back of the living room couch in half of its plastic packaging, missing all of its face.  I have some modicum of willpower, but spending most of my day within a few feet of a large chocolate bunny and not eating any of it was more than I thought I could manage

Therefore, I found the other half of the packaging and moved the partially-eaten chocolate bunny into the kitchen where it was out of my sight.  Honestly, I don’t think Carl or Jess would have minded if I’d eaten some of the bunny, but it was a case of being worried that if I started eating a bit of it, I might not stop soon enough that I wouldn’t get a tummyache (refer to video clip below).
I don’t think I will ever see a chocolate bunny and not think of the hilarious Veggie Tales song/video which I’m pretty sure originally appeared in their adaptation of a certain Bible story which illustrates the dangers of idol worship and blindly following the crowd.   Rack, Shack, and Benny: A Lesson in Handling Peer Pressure is something you will definitely want to see in its entirety, but here’s a little taste, the video of “The New and Improved Bunny Song” which I also find highly addictive: 

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