Friday, April 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 98)

Hope in the Lord! There are many times that I’m acutely aware that I'm not who anyone wants me to be, but I have a glimmer of hope because God loves me even when all those around me serve only to remind me of how much of a disappointment I am to them for a myriad of reasons. I do offer that pain up to the Lord on behalf of all who feel utterly rejected and do not know or believe in the love of God for every single one of His beloved children. 
Beautiful in God’s Eyes Because I’m someone who tends to see myself in a very critical light, it can be really painful for me when others (especially those closest to me whose opinions’ I’m more likely to take to heart) convey a steady stream of reasons that I’m not who they want me to be, that what I say, do, how I
look, feel, my values…are wrong, ugly, stupid, delusional, quaint, ill-informed, ridiculous...  It’s not always easy for me to separate objectively what criticisms are just and accurate and which are more indicative of the insecurities or misconceptions of the other person rather than true assessments of who I am and what I’ve done, especially when judgments are being thrown at me fast and furious. 
     My tendency is to believe the bad since that’s what predominantly goes through my own thoughts about myself.  Fortunately, there is a source Truth that never lies.  So as scary as it seems when steeped in disparaging lies, I turn to God and ask how He sees me when I want the Truth.  Do you have the courage to ask: “God, how do You see me?” And, more importantly, are you willing to listen in silence and believe what He tells you?

Spring Dance Festival I was often fondly reminded of my Hollins friends and dancers (from when I was in college way back when) during this past weekend while visiting my youngest sister at OSU. The dance Road Trip & Spring Dance Festival.
performances were great! I enjoyed getting to see my sister dance, meeting her apartment mates—all three of whom are gorgeous women and fun to spend time with like my sister is.  We ate at some of her fave restaurants and dessert places.  To read more about our visit, check out
     I got back from Ohio with Mom on Monday evening. It's been wonderful to spend time with Kevin, who knows me well and loves me lots. It's also nice to be home and be back together sleeping in our own bed.  To which Kevin says: “Yeah buddy!”

Body Image Spending time around beautiful women who are in really great shape, always wearing fashionable clothes, make-up and jewelry can be intimidating and discouraging for me at times.  I’m no longer able to fit into the single digit sizes I wore in my twenties nor have I have really been in tip-top physical condition at any point.  (My approach to appearance most of the time these days is probably best summed up in my post Fashion Faux Pas.) Seeing and hearing other women criticizing their bodies is very difficult for me, though, because it is far easier for me to see the genuine beauty in other people than it is to see it in myself.  The grace and trouble about that is no matter what I say or think, it’s unlikely to affect on the deepest levels how someone else sees or feels about herself.  If you’re not quite ready or willing to ask how God sees you, at least watch this video clip to see how it is that women usually view themselves.     

Undeniably Adorable! There are numerous times during the day when Vivi will say that she’s beautiful or that her lips or fingers…are beautiful.  I always confirm that fact and say to her: “You are beautiful!”  Silently, I pray that she will hold onto that truth for many years to come.  I hope that’s the statement she will always return to when she looks in the mirror and stares back at her reflection.  Who do you recognize in your own family as undeniably adorable, beautiful, gorgeous?  Have you told them recently?  How about ever?  How about now?   

Best Books on True Beauty Here are some of the most amazing books (and their authors) I’ve read in recent years that deal with the topics of beauty, body image, seeing ourselves in God’s image.

Comfort for the Heartbroken This week I have been and will continue praying for all who are mourning the loss of loved ones, that they may feel the hope of the Lord, allow His love to wash over them, and move in and through them as they grieve and hang on while God, in His time and in His way, turns their tears into dancing, their profound sorrow into a lasting joy.
Check out Jen Fulwiler’s tradition of 7 Quick Takes Friday at her tremendously popular blog Conversion Diary,  This week we’re meeting up over at Camp Patton since Jen and their newborn baby are just getting home and settled in.  
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