Friday, May 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 103)

Sassy Training I find it highly amusing that one of the required trainings my husband has had to take at work is referred to as SASE training.  I’ve heard plenty of funny stories about his co-workers and him, ones that have made me pretty sure that sassiness is one area in which they already excel.  

Loveable Double Trouble I can hardly believe that the twins are turning one this weekend.  The other day when I was sorting my scrapbooking supplies, I came across a little round cut-out that says: “We made it!”  There are certainly days when that’s precisely how I feel by the time Vivi’s mom walks in the door, that despite all of the chaos that is pretty much inherently part of our day, that we made it through all having eaten, learned, played, laughed, sung, danced, and (for those under the age of 5 slept or rested for a bit, hopefully!).  I have no doubt their parents feel the same way some days and middle of the night times.  They are by far two of the cutest troublemakers on the planet! 
  Happy Birthday Livia and Sophia!!  

Copy Cats The twins have learned all sorts of things from watching their big sister at play.  They know how to dance to the “Bop ‘Til You Drop song, play with the Boppy pillows, spread toys, blocks, and books all over the living room, smear their faces with food, make their sisters and others laugh…This week it’s been funny to watch Livie try to copy Vivi when she hears her sisters crying only Livie puts her hands up to her cheeks instead of covering her ears.  It’s quite a sight to see a little one crying with her hands on her cheeks, seemingly unaware that the noise is coming from her own mouth that makes her sister put her hands over her own ears in protest.
Wacky Wednesday It was a looooong day for both of us. I'm most grateful for smiles, laughter, hugs, 3 cute little girls, a good book, and a husband who can make me laugh even in the midst of a crisis. I feel bad for our neighbors not only because our heating/cooling unit was leaking like a faucet, but also because Kevin had on Pirates of the Caribbean in surround-sound, which was probably making the people who live around us feel like the end of the world or a major flood is upon them. If all else fails, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming... (By the way, when Kevin asked me for a flashlight while trying to fix said leak, I got him the glow-in-the-dark pirate one we have.  He laughed.)
Domestic Diva Daze I’ve been getting more stuff sorted and organized at home and am excited about making progress. If my husband and I were both as committed to getting things that need to be accomplished at our place done, we'd be so much further along. Lord, help us be united in and better about concentrating on the work that we do that is what You most want of us (which, I acknowledge, may very well not have anything to do with getting our living space in order).

Dress Shopping with the Girls Our dear sister in Christ Michele Morris who is entering a cloistered Carmelite community on August 6 asked a small group of close friends to come with her to pick out a dress for her to wear on her entry date.  Of course, her asking me to come for this activity made me think of the first time when she went out to the monastery in Carmel, California, to meet the nuns and see if she felt called to become part of that community, and I did a special edition of What Not To Wear for Female Religious Vocation First Visit in honor of her trip.  Anyone who knows me is well aware I'm no expert on fashion, but I sure had fun coming up with this collage.
Writing for Young Adults This undertaking can be quite challenging and rather amusing.  I'm sure I am now showing up in databases I wouldn't have before researching such things as would be appropriate to include in a book about and geared towards high school students.  There's no other reason that I would be looking up such things as: assault weapons, juvenile detention centers, the appearance of men's locker rooms in public gyms, the going price of stuff I've never used, etc.  Who knows what else I'll be looking up online as I continue writing?  Whatever it is, I'm sure that I'll likely end up in a few more databases.  
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