Thursday, May 30, 2013

Treasure Chest Surprises (My Nanny Diary)

A few weeks ago, Sophie began pulling up on the treasure chest, then perching on top of it for a bit.  Over the past week, Sophie and Livie have been very interested in climbing into the Minnie Mouse treasure chest Vivi received as one of her turning 3 birthday gifts. 

At first, Sophie would approach the open treasure chest filled with wooden blocks and Duplos and gingerly sit on it with one leg hanging off the side.  Mastering this trick, she decided to climb in, make herself as comfy as possible while sitting on blocks and even cross her ankles. 
Today Livie is sitting in the treasure chest facing backward, trying to pull the lid down on herself which goes about as well as you can imagine it would.  Earlier both of the twins managed to wedge themselves in there with the colorful assortment of blocks. 
Vivi is a big fan of Jake and the Never Land Pirates, which I’ve never watched on TV, though I’ve read some of the board books about them.  This fascination with the Peter Pan spin-off is why she refers to the treasure chest as the “team treasure chest.”  Her mom has let me know that on the show and movies they call it a team treasure chest, because they all put their gold doubloons in there once they’ve done a good deed.

Salty, Yet Satisfying

Honestly, I don’t really know what my shoelaces taste like, but the twins do.  I’m fairly certain the only day in a month or so that I didn’t find one or the other of the girls sucking on my shoelaces was this past Monday evening when I came over after their parents put them to bed (or were about to) for the night, so mom and dad could go out for a nice dinner.  I’m not quite certain what the draw is to my shoes, other than that I put them on before I go outside. 
They seem to take an interest in their parents’ sneakers, but they usually aren’t quite as determined to munch on their treads or chew on their laces when mine are available. Vivi’s shoes are also particularly tasty, because they’re easily the second favorite choice if they’re within reach.   
As a mentioned not too long ago, Vivi loves to wind my shoelaces around and loop them over and under until it takes me as long as it takes her to put her shoes on (that includes the persuasive arguments as to why she needs footwear if we're going outside along with a refresher on how I know it's best not to help her put her shoes, clothes, sunglasses, hat, underwear...on when she can do it herself).
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