Friday, June 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 105)

Thank You, God! I'm very grateful to the Lord for getting my sister Theresa safely to Burkina Faso, and for the really amazing, uplifting, wonderful people He's used to show me His love this week. Thanks LauraKevin, and Gwen for being open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and willing to share your gifts and just be who you are!

Fun with French I couldn’t resist the opportunity to have some fun with French.  Since I took French from fifth grade through college, and I spent an academic school year my junior year at Hollins studying in Paris, France, I offered to have some conversations in French with my sister before she went back to Burkina Faso (where she’s studying West African dance this month).  She wanted to brush up on the basics and learn some key phrases that wouldn’t likely be in a textbook.

     I began with one of the few things Kevin learned to say in French before he came over to visit me:
Est-ce que tu m’épouseras?   Will you marry me?
This was not my response when he asked, but is one I suggested for my sister to use if it turns out to be a more appropriate answer in her circumstances.
Non, ma mѐre va me tuer.    No, my mother will kill me.
     Actually, when Kevin said, “Je t’taime du fond de mon coeur Patricia Niermeyer.  Est-ce que tu m épouseras?”  To read the whole story and the entire French phrase post, click here.

Heartbreaking News One of our recently ordained permanent deacons, Joe Marotta, died suddenly and unexpectedly this week. He was married and the father of five young children.
     Another gentleman who went to be with the Lord this week was in his thirties, had cancer, and has left his wife and two young children behind.
     Please keep of these gentleman, their families, and friends in prayer. 

Tuesdays with Memories I watched my nephew Ezra for a bit Tuesday morning, went to Mass at St.Peter's, and got some organizational things done at home, along with some writing, and work on the YA novel that's next in the John Paul II High Series. I've gone through scores of pictures this week.  As anyone who knows me, knows I have a bazillion, especially from high school on. Kevin and I are thinking of doing a wall of photos of the two of us throughout our relationship, our favorite places, and such. I'm putting the mass quantity of pics into categories and in photo boxes. The next photo phase will likely involve mailing people prints of themselves and friends that I have that would make them smile, laugh, and remember when...

Daily Prayer Lately, I have had pretty much the same prayer routine in terms of what I read/do in the morning and evening.  I usually do the morning prayer included in the Magnificat, the daily readings and reflection before I leave for work, the evening prayer once I get home, and sometimes also do the night time prayer, but not always.  Of course, I pray spontaneously throughout the day, too.  I've found it helps me to have some regular things I do or I am not as grounded in prayer as is wise and helpful in getting through the day with the right focus.
Home Tonight I finished reading Home Tonight: Further Reflections on theParable of the Prodigal Son by Henri J.M. Nouwen on Pentecost Sunday.  It gave me a great deal to think, pray, and write about as well as meditate on. 
     As is often the case with Nouwen’s books, I am again very aware that I’m being challenged through these heartfelt personal reflections to accept the love, forgiveness, and mercy of the Lord on a deeper level than I ever have before.  This task is rather daunting because it’s really difficult for me to accept love, especially unconditional love and forgiveness when I know (to some extent) how little I deserve it… To read the full review, click here.
Push It Real Good! This week the girls were extremely excited about having the opportunity to play in a laundry basket big enough for them to fit inside of.  It was funny watching them climb in and out, as the twins are not quite tall enough to step over the sides and get in without stumbling.  Vivi, who is quite a fan of pillows and blankets, snuggled up in the laundry basket as well.

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