Friday, June 28, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 108)

Covenant Players The dear friend of ours who will be entering a cloistered monastery this August to begin her postulancy with the Carmelite Sisters by the Sea did one last performance in Richmond of the original play "Teresita" she wrote about St. Teresa of Avila’s vocation discernment.  Friends of hers who she’d met when traveling the world with Covenant Players and some of her classmates from Union Seminary came to the final show and the reception afterwards.  Michele was overjoyed that they’d come.  How perfect that her farewell to her theater friends from Covenant Players occurred after they’d watched the one-woman play she wrote and directed that involves faith.
Out of Africa I’m very grateful that my youngest sister has returned safely from her time studying West African dance (and culture) in Burkina Faso.  She attended a dance school called ÉDIT (École de Danse Internationale Irѐne Tassembedo.  Here’s one of the video’s made of the dance they do there. 

Up on the Altar One neat thing about Mass, other than the most obvious ones, at St. Peter's (in Richmond) is that you never know how you'll be "called" to serve that day. On Tuesday, Fr. Bob pointed to me and mimed opening a book to ask me do the Readings before Mass and he has faith in the attendees that three will come up without being asked to help serve the Eucharist. "Eternal Father, I offer You, the Body and the Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Your dearly Beloved Son in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.” from The Divine Mercy Chaplet
Bring On the Bling This week Livie has been having fun playing with the scarf I gave Vivi for her birthday.  All of them love accessories, of course.  The girls have always been interested in shoes.  Beads, bracelets, ponytail holders, and whatever necklace I happen to be wearing are popular.  It cracks me up that the twins spend so much of their day trying to put their pajamas and any other articles of clothing they find over their heads.  Even after I dressed Livie this morning, she grabbed her sister's matching skirt and attempted to pull it over her head.

You’re a bum! It’s fun hearing Vivi’s random rambling.  While coloring with markers, she mentioned The Paper Bag Princess book, and started singing: “You are a bum!” which is the apt description of the prince in the book who is rescued by the princess.  I’m often amused by the little chants and declarations: “The lamb is sure to go” and “Knuffle Bunny: A cautionary tale by Mo Willems.”  It reminds me of when she was on a Green Eggs and Ham kick, and while working on some art project suddenly looked up and stated emphatically: “You let me be!” I was thoroughly amused, because no one was bothering her at that time.  Her sisters hadn’t even been born, yet, so I knew for sure she was just processing lines from the book I'd read dramatically twenty or more times that day.
How versatile it is I read children’s picture books with a dramatic flair.  The kids love it, and adults within earshot are generally entertained as well.  Once when I was speed-reading a Dr. Seuss book, Kevin looked at me wide-eyed and asked: “What was that?!”  To which I responded: “It’s my face.  Haven’t you noticed it and how versatile it is?”

Truth never changes In a time when our culture and world are praising certain court decisions, scientific finds, and medical practices as being progressive and signs of advancement, I’m grateful for faith in the Lord, the One who is Truth and Love itself.  The best response to these many signs of the culture of death becoming even more widespread and the Father of Lie’s influence expanding is to pray that the Lord will open our hearts and minds to the One Truth which is everlasting.   

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