Friday, July 5, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 109)

My Very First Time Kevin and I celebrated Independence Day by going to Mass in thanksgiving and prayer for our religious liberty, eating hot dogs for lunch, then we practiced riding around the church parking lot in preparation for my very first time out on Kevin's motorcycle (or any other motorcycle, for that matter).  We were quite patriotic in our red, white, and blue.  We swung by friends of ours who took a couple pics of us on the bike, but we haven’t gotten those from them, yet.  I’ll post them when I receive them.  Lord, thank You for the true freedom that comes from following Christ. Amen.

Favorite 4th of July My favorite Independence Day I spent with Kevin and his family in Rochester, NY on Lake Ontario. I was used to having a cook-out with my parents and sisters and usually going somewhere to see a legal fireworks display, but the Fourth of July at the cottage with Kevin’s family was something entirely different…Read more

Up on the Altar Kevin and I photographed Claire & Augusto's wedding and reception last Saturday afternoon/evening. We're praying for them and all couples the Lord has united through the Sacrament of Marriage, that all may be strengthened by faith, lifted up in love, grounded in prayer, and filled with joy. Amen!
Let’s Make It Musical I cracked up when Claire and her twin sister linked arms and started singing one of the Broadway show tunes Vivi has learned from yours truly.  In case you were wondering, “Sisters, Sisters” from White Christmas takes on another level of special when done by a woman wearing a wedding gown and her twin sister who’s a bridesmaid who burst into song in the banquet hall in the downstairs of the church.  I already knew it was going to be a fun afternoon/evening, but when two of her bridesmaids started doing a clapping game, none other than a full-out “Miss Mary Mack/All dressed in black,” it was clinched that this pre-wedding show was just a preview for what would be a rocking reception. 
Cheese Whiz or Not A dear friend of mine and I were having a late lunch after our successful shopping spree, and I was treated to another hilarious story.  This one was about how the cheese pump at the fast food place where she worked for a brief stint while in college was her demise.  She was working with one manager who just didn’t like her, personalities clashed.  Of course, this person was working the shift my friend is having a night where she couldn’t seem to get any order right. 
     Finally, the manager tells her to just go in the back and clean the cheese pump.  She went back to the apparatus she had trouble even getting to work and stared at it.  She didn’t know how to clean it.  She returned to the manager, who told her to just take the thing apart and clean it.  Next thing she knows, my friend staring at a very clean and completely dissembled cheese pump.  Yes, it was a genuine case of Amelia Bedelia works fast food. 
Head manager the next day: “So what happened last night?”
“I took apart the cheese pump,” she answered.
“That you did,” he said.
“And I couldn’t put it back together again,”
“No one could put it together again.  Not even me.  I had to order a new one,” he said before they mutually agreed food service isn’t her thing.

Priceless I can be serious and very intense when I’m set on doing a good job, so I was concentrated and “on-the-job” getting hundreds of photos at the wedding rehearsal, Brazilian barbecue, wedding, and reception.  A few hours into the reception, the bride told me not to worry about taking anymore pictures.  I couldn’t resist, so I took a bunch more then gave Kevin my camera so I could get my groove on.  It was quite amusing to see the looks on people’s faces when I joined the party on the dance floor for a song.  I love to dance, and I’ve been told: “for a white girl you got rhythm.” 
Caregivers Unite There have been a number of times in my life when I’ve played the role of caregiver which makes me that much more compassionate and empathetic when friends and family become wary under the weight of such responsibility.  A reminder that I’ve had to relearn a million times: if you don’t take care of yourself, it will affect your ability to take good care of others, especially on a long-term basis day and night with no substantial breaks in sight.  I pray that all who are caring for others who are sick in mind, body, and/or spirit will be encouraged by the Lord, who is Wonderful Counselor, Perfect Physician, and Holy Comforter. 

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