Friday, August 30, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 117)

Flashback Fridays Kevin and I have made a point of going to the traditional Friday night Fish Fry.  The Long Pond Family Restaurant has been our Fish Fry place of choice.  They have a yummy beer-battered fish fry on Fridays that comes with soup, salad, French fries, and the proper fixings (which I practically never use).  The broiled fish with a baked potato is also available and was much to my liking.
Are You New Here? Kevin and I have made a habit of going to daily Mass at Holy Cross, a church near Charlotte Beach, on many weekdays.  We’ve made a friend or two there over the years.  It was hilarious to see the look on one woman’s face who was setting up the altar and happened to glance in our direction.  She was positively shocked and utterly delighted to see us.  She thought maybe that she’d missed our visit since she hadn’t yet seen us this summer.  The gentleman who has been sitting behind us pretty much every day we’ve gone to Mass there introduced himself to us yesterday and asked if we are new at the parish.  We explained we come up here every year on vacation, but that we don’t live here.  He seemed a bit disappointed we weren’t here to stay.  It’s so nice to feel wanted and welcomed!
Grandfathers in the Faith One of the many reasons Kevin and I look forward to going to Mass at Holy Cross is that they have a couple elderly priests who are really remarkable men of faith.  They are both very friendly, genuinely enthusiastic about their love for Christ and dedication to inspire others to live the Gospel.  I wonder if these two men know how dear they are to our Lord and their faith community.  How could you not love such endearing, devout elderly priests who are giving their all at the altar well into their 70s and 80s?!  Wow!
Flea Market Finds So perhaps a two week car trip when we don’t pack light isn’t exactly the best time for me to come across some inexpensive breakable items to put on the display shelf on the half wall of our apartment, but I did, so we will find a way to pack them so they make it back to Richmond in their purchased-forms.  (I’d like to experiment doing some art projects with broken glass, but these aren’t the pieces I plan to use). 
Can I go, yet? It is really quite entertaining to play Mexican Train Dominoes with Kevin’s family.  Our after-dinner game last Sunday was no exception.  There were a number of times that we were absolutely in hysterics between Kevin, his sisters, and brothers-in-law it is hard to keep a straight face even if you end up coming in dead last (that would be me).   

Must Have Chocolate My sisters-in-law are women after my own heart when it comes to chocolate.  All of them love it!  Kevin’s sister Chari made a beeline for the chocolate candy bag in the kitchen cupboard the second she and her husband arrived at the cottage though there were a number of things they had to bring in from their vehicle.  Throughout the evening, she would reach in her pocket and pull-out yet another Tootsie Roll.  It was quite amusing.  Glad I’m not the only one who’s serious about wanting chocolate.
The Badminton Debacle I can’t really think of any other way to describe it.  Kevin and I have been using badminton rackets and birdies, but I don’t think anyone would deign to refer to what we do as actually “playing badminton.”  Suffice it to say that we have fun using badminton equipment (minus the net) to get exercise, and we inadvertently end up entertaining the neighbors and anyone else who happens by while we’re out on the lawn.
Don’t tell my mom this, but we actually have had more fun doing our version of badminton than we have in spending time splashing around in the lake.  My mother spends every minute she can in the lake when she’s here.  Kevin and I have been in swimming all of two times while we’ve been here, and that doesn’t really bother us.  There's more than one way to enjoy Rochester, and this is how we roll! :)
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