Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rewinding in Rochester

Railroad Bridge Scrapped

This is the view a couple years ago of the Genesee River from Ontario Beach Park (aka Charlotte pronounced without the "r") when the actual railroad bridge remained. Kevin modeled that bridge to scale (N-scale) as part of a model railroading layout he began of the area around 1950. The bridge has been scrapped in the past year. Kevin's beyond disappointed, but it may open up the possibility that someone will be interested in his layout for historical purposes and interest.

Gravestone Not Yet Engraved

Since the weather was so horrendous, Kevin and I couldn’t make it up to Rochester at the beginning of February for my grandmother’s funeral, I wanted to visit the gravesite where she is buried.  We asked at the office where she was buried, and we were given a map and directions.  I knew that other family members who died many years ago are in the same plot.  I found the right gravestone, but I was rather discouraged that my grandmother’s name wasn’t anywhere on it.  I called my mom to ask her if we were at the right gravestone, and she confirmed that we were. 

Apparently, they have not gotten around to engraving my grandmother’s name into the stone purchased years ago by and for her family members.  My grandma’s name, Marilyn Lohwater, was not engraved on the gravestone, but I took comfort in knowing that she’s definitely engraved in God’s heart and in His book of those meant to spend eternity with Him in Heaven.  
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