Friday, September 6, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 118)

Anniversary No. 9 Kevin and I are still awed and amazed at all that God has done in our lives since we first met and became friends back when I was just sweet sixteen.  I guess it makes sense that I can’t imagine my life without Kevin since he’s been an integral part of it for so long.  A new friend, a best friend, a boyfriend, and for the past nine years my husband.  Wow!  I never in a million years would have thought we’d be where we are now: LAUGHING TOGETHER, wanting most to do the Lord’s will, and glorify Him through the gift, the covenant, the Sacrament of our marriage.  I love you, Babe, and there’s no doubt: you’re still the one! 
Harry Potter’s Birthday The real Harry Potter was born on Labor Day weekend in 1927, and he passed away on Memorial Day weekend in 2005.  Kevin’s father was a very loving, caring man.  He was an incredibly devoted husband, father, grandfather, uncle, neighbor, and friend. Going with Harry to visit Joyce (his wife and Kevin’s mom) was when I witnessed one of the most loving encounters I’ve ever seen between a husband and wife.  Joyce was living in a nursing home because she was in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s.  Harry went every day to see her.  He’d feed her lunch, trim her nails, change her, and was so incredibly gentle and tender, it would melt your heart.  All of this, and Joyce was too sick to speak or open her eyes.  The only way I knew for sure that she knew he was there was by the power of his love.  We love you and miss you, Harry!  Thank you for bringing me even closer to your only son.

Laid-off on Labor Day?! At some point we might be able to find it humorous that Kevin found out on Labor Day that he has been let go from the job (along with a slew of other people from a number of other sites that the company’s closing) but we’re not quite there, yet.  He’d been there for four and a half years when he got the call.  Fortunately, the supervisor is a friend who had the decency to wait until we were back from vacation to call and talk with him.  
     We have been talking about changes and being open to God’s will for our lives.  It’s a frequent discussion we have based on many different areas of our lives.  After hearing some of the things his nephews and cousins have been working on lately, Kevin’s been wondering if/when/where/how he’ll again be able to use the invention-rich, mechanically, and electronically-inclined parts of his brain.  He’s got some great ideas and too many skills in too many areas to put on a regular résumé.  He’s genuinely been asking the Lord what He wants him to do with the gifts and passion he’s been given.  We’d really appreciate your prayers as we continue listening to God and following where He leads us.  Please and thanks! 
Haiti Rummage Sale This Saturday there is a very special event taking place at our church all the proceeds of which will go to our Haiti Twinning Ministry.  If you’re in town or thereabouts, come check it out.  They’ll have everything from furniture and housewares, bikes and books, clothes and toys on sale all under one roof.  Come one, come all this Saturday September 7, 2013 from 7:00am to noon at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church 4491 Springfield Road 
Glen Allen, Virginia 23060 (FYI, the people pictured here are extremely dedicated to this fundraiser and are really fun to be around.  Look for them Saturday doing it up!)

Can We Talk Discernment? It occurred to me in writing about the Rummage Sale that it was after helping pack up and clean up following that event  some four years ago that John and I had our first heart-to-heart about vocation discernment.  I guess that makes this weekend another anniversary of sorts.  God has brought some really amazing people into our lives over the past four years. 

     We’ve been very blessed to be on part of the journey with two of our siblings in Christ and best friends as they prayerfully discerned the next step God was calling them to take towards their life-long vocations.  John just started his second year of seminary at St. Mary’s in Baltimore, Maryland, and Michele entered the cloistered monastery in Carmel, California known as the Carmelite Sisters by the Sea on August 6, 2013.  In some ways, it kind of feels like Kevin and I are empty nesters now.  I said to Kevin the other day that I wonder who else who is discerning God will put in our lives next.    
Must Love Dance! I know something really inspires me when after 9+ hours of taking care of my three favorite cuties, two of whom are feeling sick and snotty, doing "We're going on Bear Hunt" full-out twice in addition to all the other typical running around, I have the energy to move and dance throughout most of a movie (Step Up 2). My youngest sister's the one who's a senior dance major at Ohio State University, but let me tell you she's not the only one who looooves to dance!
Prayer Warriors Unite! Last Friday, I received a text from my spiritual director requesting major prayer cover for a Cursillista named Joan who is in critical condition.  Please join me in praying for Joan, her family, and all who are suffering in mind, body, and/or spirit as well as those who care for and about them.  (Just so you know, I’m always open to receiving prayer requests, so send them along.)  
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