Friday, September 27, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 121)

Grace is…the patience needed to take care of others when severely deprived of sleep, the inspiration to offer up your struggles united with Christ’s on the Cross for those who are suffering in mind, body, and/or spirit, soaking up the precious moments when all three kids are playing together, laughing, and giggling, a loved one who you’ve had on your mind a lot calling you out-of-the-blue…

Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME) was a wonderful experience for Kevin and me.  It gave us the opportunity to get away from the daily grind and really focus on one another and our vocation of marriage in a way that nothing else has—even vacations!  I invite you to consider and pray about attending this powerful retreat designed to strengthen the vocation to marriage or the priesthood.  Without much time to devote to just the two of you as a couple, this is a great opportunity for strengthening your marriage, rekindling your faith, and giving you the tools and energy to continue being a loving couple and great parents.  To learn more or to find a WWME in your area, click here.

This Is How We Do It! I couldn’t agree more with the Applebaum Training Institute FB post today: “Children must learn to be responsible to succeed in life. If they get everything they want, whenever they want it, they don't learn the joy of earning it, & think everything will always be handed to them on a silver platter.” 
     I find this to be so very true! One of the great things I've learned from working at a Montessori school is how many things children are able to do if shown how, given the tools they need, and held responsible for the things they are reasonably expected and able to do on their own from a very young age.
Make Jesus Happy Here’s a great article about how the mother of a beautiful child who happens to have Down Syndrome entices her daughter to go to Mass caught my eye.  What a great way for us to think of how and why we do what we do to love and serve God.  I can’t think of a better, more simplistic way of explaining why we gather to break open the Word and share the Eucharist.  If you enjoy this story and this woman’s writing, you will love the Lily Trilogy she has written.  Check out my reviews of the books here: Until Lily, Wherever Lily Goes, and Life Entwined with Lily's.

Life-giving Choices This is a message from a woman who took great joy in having each one of her children and strongly believes that women deserve better than what society offers as a solution for unplanned pregnancies: “Last night, several were blessed to attend the fundraising gala for the new East End Pregnancy Test and Help Centerin Richmond. The organizers of the evening were so inspirational! But the news that they bring is serious. In the 23223 area code where the new Center is located, the abortion rate is over 60%. Yes, this is very serious. The pastors who attended are sure that their congregations are being targeted for abortion. Please pray for all those who have opened their doors and who are working to assist the families most vulnerable to abortion in our communities, the Pregnancy Resource Center, Catholic Charities, and now the East End Pregnancy Test and Help Center.” –Ann Niermeyer (aka my mom & Richmond, VA 40 Days for Life leader.)
Manipulated Again Kevin had a shoulder procedure, a “manipulation” is what they call it, on Wednesday of this week.  When they did his left shoulder many moons ago, he neglected to read all of the paperwork, so he ate a banana that morning and had a cup of coffee in the waiting room, so they numbed his arm, waited a bit and did the whole thing with him completely awake and lucid, with me standing there watching and listening, before taking him back over to the house where I was taking care of “my little guys” for the rest of my work day.
     At least we learned from some of our mistakes, but not all.  This time I had an entertaining book to read and took the entire day off of nannying, but we ended up sitting in the waiting room the from before 11am to after 5pm, because this time Kevin ate on purpose the morning of (though instructed to fast from midnight on) in an attempt to keep them from putting him under as well as keep his blood sugar from dropping dangerously low.  Worked last time.  Why not do it that way again?  Didn’t happen, but the procedure went well.  Kevin’s recovery and pain management has gone far smoother than last time.  Thanks to all who kept us in prayer!

A Hilarious Parody & Video by Weird Al Yankovic


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