Friday, October 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 122)

Grace is…an unexpected day-off when you are well beyond the ready-to-collapse point, a friend’s successful breast cancer surgery, going to daily Mass, speaking truth with love, compassion, and understanding, listening attentively, the joy of three silly sisters laughing, your husband visiting you at work, a homemade meal, a much-needed hug, unsolicited kisses from little cuties, beautiful weather, a glimpse of how God sees others, encouraging others in tough times, receiving a card out-of-the-blue from a best friend, the support and counsel of prayer warriors focused on doing God's Will above all else…

Happy 70th Birthday! Kevin  and I had a blast celebrating Dick Commander's 70th birthday this past Saturday evening. He and Jeannine throw a great party! It was wonderful to see and have a chance to catch up with so many members of our Cursillo family! 

It Takes a Village Kevin and I love the girls for whom I nanny as well as their parents very dearly. It is such a tremendous blessing to work with and for Carl & Jess, who work so hard even after long days at their jobs to do what's necessary to keep their precious daughters safe and healthy. Lord, thank You for the gift this family continues to be in our lives. Help us to be open to the ways You want us to serve them. Amen.           
A Broadway Style Fair Trade I take full responsibility for the 3 year old who was running sprints inside the house not too long before her nap/rest time the other day while singing the two lines she recalls from a Singin’ in the Rain number I played for her sisters and her a few times on Youtube: “Good Morning” and “It’s great to stay up late!”  I texted her mother to tell her about this and added that I hoped she didn’t adopt that philosophy until she was a bit older. Her mom said she’s fine with her daughter staying up late as long as mommy gets to sleep late. 

Too Tired to Text Wednesday evening I was having trouble texting as is evident in the following excerpt of a conversation I was attempting to have:
Friend: “…had Mass for the parish school today which was really fun…”
Me: “School Mass foes sound fun…” (realizing my mistake added)
Me: “School Mass foes sound diabolical, not fun. Another long, draining day that has left me unable to text or talk intelligibly.”
Friend: “LOL! Diabolical?? 500+ kids all singing and praising the Lord and receiving him. So much fun!”
Friend: “What are you doing this evening?”
Me: “I need to work on the Rooster Review (the Cursillo newsletter for our area), but since I can barely manage to text at this point, maybe that’s not a good idea for this evening. 
Friend: “Maybe not J
Friend: “Now I understand your precious texts”
Me: “R my texts precious?  I’m guessing you meant previous but r still using autocorrect-which couldn’t even help me now”
Friend: “LOL”

Childproofing 101 Children by their very nature will manage to get themselves into dangerous situations of their own concocting, so it’s best not to give them an easy way into trouble and becoming another statistic or sad story in “What to Expect When You Don’t Childproof Your House” type series of books—as it will take several volumes to document and describe all of the illnesses, injuries, accidents, including but not limited to: gaping head wounds, cuts requiring stitches, burns, poisoning, a sudden supposedly accidental loss of limb, and/or other households little shop of horrors tales from beyond the crib and the crypt.  Click here to read all of “Children Shouldn’t Be Crash Test Dummies (My Nanny Diary).”
Miss U Much I’ve been pleasantly surprised a number of times this week to have the opportunity to spend time with people I don’t necessarily get to see very often.  I was quite humbled and touched that some people are so happy to see Kevin and me, that they pray for us regularly even without having any contact with us, and that they miss us when we aren’t up to or able to attend some of the Masses, prayer vigils, and/or other get-togethers like we have in the past.  I know I feel that way about many people, but it’s nice to be reminded that there are people who are grateful just because you are present.  The three girls get so excited when Kevin comes over.  It's so cute to watch him playing with them.

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