Sunday, October 6, 2013

What got you involved in Respect Life ministry?


The shortest answer to that question for me is: my parents.  
The following appeared this weekend on an insert in our church bulletin.  The piece was written by Ann Niermeyer, grandmother, mother, respect life advocate, and local 40 Days for Life leader (aka my mom). It is a very good explanation of some of the biggest reasons why my husband and I are also involved.      

Father Dan asked me, “What got you involved in Respect Life ministry?” – specifically working with 40 Days for Life and with pregnancy help centers to support new mothers and fathers.
My call to ministry was a gradual process, but I think my involvement stems from my own experience as an expectant mother. I was so happy when I learned I was pregnant, and having a baby was one of the greatest joys of my life. My husband was even more excited. He loved children so much, and he couldn’t wait for us to be parents.
My memories of those years are filled with baby showers and cute little clothes, peaceful nights rocking and nursing, reading and singing to my babies. Each one was such a cherished blessing to our family. So my heart goes out to mothers who do not experience that. I find it so difficult to imagine how it would be to face a pregnancy with so much fear and hopelessness – all alone, scared, and feeling like there was no one there for me, so terrified that I saw no other choice but to have my child aborted. And then the days and the years that follow that painful decision  -  and the hurt.

Finally, when I learned about the sheer numbers of abortions – they overwhelmed me. Over a million each year in our country alone – 5,000 a year in my city of Richmond, Virginia. All I could think of to do was to pray. So I joined with others who pray for an end to abortion. And praying led me to discover that the first person transformed by those prayers – was me! God changed my heart first, and then encouraged me to remain and pray that others would have a change of heart, too.

I invite you to join us in praying these 40 Days for Life – pray for a change of heart, pray for our healing from abortion, and pray for an end to abortion. Thank you.

Imagine!  Anticipating the birth of a child with excitement and joy....  How sad that the attitude conveyed much too often in our society today is negative.  Our society seems to spend more energy in trying to avoid pregnancies than in celebrating them.  Indeed pregnancy is often treated as an “illness” to be avoided and for which the only “cure” is abortion.  This is the attitude surrounding our young people today. 
                                   We owe them better...join in the prayer!  – Fr. Dan

Abortion is the leading cause of death in the United States.   Prayer is the cure.   Save lives.
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