Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Merry-Making Mishaps Series Entry # 2 Cookie Decorating

Cutting and Decorating

A friend with a wacky sense of humor joined us when my mom, sisters, and I were making Christmas cookies one year.  We had the usual snowflakes, snowmen, trees, angels, gingerbread men, bells, and stars to decorate, but that was not all, oh no that was not all.  Among the most unique cookie creations carved free-hand were a potato and a dreidel.  I have a picture of the friend with blue frosting on her face using the microwave as a mirror and pretending to shave it off with a butter knife.

For Art’s Sake

Most of the time, my mom, sisters, and I will go to great lengths to decorate cookies that are particularly pretty, ornate, and intricate, but a month and a half after my youngest sister was born, we were having fun putting all sorts of decorations, in copious amounts, on the baked goodies.  We got so into it that we ran out of traditional cookie decorations, and for the sake of peace and a few more minutes of us being happily occupied doing something harmless together, my mom let my sister and I use Breathsavers and other such unlikely and unsavory pieces of candy and trim. 
I doubt anyone made it through a cookie with sugar-free breath mints on top, but it gave my mom a few more minutes of rocking my baby sister while watching The Sound of Music in the family room to allow my other sister and I to have a fabulous time making a royal and fully-sanctioned mess of the kitchen.

A Note about my Christmas Merrymaking Mishaps Series I’m not sure about you, but my family and friends have had some rather amusing and entertaining incidents that have occurred when engaging in some very popular holiday traditions such as: Christmas CarolingCookie DecoratingChristmas Tree selection, and Nativity set-up.
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