Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Merry-Making Mishaps Series Entry # 4 Nativity Set

An Accidental Loss of Jesus

A friend of mine I have known since we both attended fifth grade at St. Mary’s School and who also attended Tucker High School with me, asked me to photograph her wedding.  For a number of years, this friend had been studying and doing research in Burundi.  To support local merchants there, she purchased a number of things, including her wedding dress and jewelry from local weavers and artisans.  As a thank you for shooting their wedding in Charlottesville, she presented Kevin and me with a beautiful hand-carved dark wood Nativity set from Burundi.
The trouble is we’ve lost Jesus.  I know it sounds really awful, because it is.  Every other hand-carved piece of our Nativity set I had carefully packed up in tissue paper and put in the big Rubbermaid box with lid containing all of our Advent and Christmas items has been recovered.  Mary, Joseph, an ox and a lamb are all together waiting for the three wise men and two shepherds to arrive, but the reason for the season is missing. 
There’s a small babe lying in a manger, my guess would be somewhere in our office, which is hands-down the messiest, most cluttered area in our whole place.  Kevin and I are hoping Jesus will surface by Christmas.  We would certainly consider it a Christmas miracle.

A Note about my Christmas Merrymaking Mishaps Series I’m not sure about you, but my family and friends have had some rather amusing and entertaining incidents that have occurred when engaging in some very popular holiday traditions such as: Christmas CarolingCookie DecoratingChristmas Tree selection, and Nativity set-up.
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