Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Triage for Christmas Correspondence

In 2011, I came up with the following solution to our holiday bulk mailing predicament: triage for our Christmas Card List In the event that you didn’t receive a Christmas card from Kevin and me this year, rejoice and be glad!  

No, really.  I’ve decided this year to concentrate my card writing/mailing efforts first and foremost on family and friends of ours who 1.) are currently in the hospital 2.) were just released from the hospital after major surgery 3.) are serving in the US military overseas, and/or 4.) have lost a loved one in the past six months. 
One reason for this was that I wrote a personal note on each card I sent, so it took much longer than the sign and stamp kind.  Since we had a number of loved ones who fit into one of the above categories, I concentrated my energy on prayers, phone calls, and notes of encouragement for them.  
Please don’t be offended.  I assure you we’re keeping all of our family, friends, and loved ones far and near in prayer.  Thanks to all of you who have filled our mailbox with love, adorable photos, and kind cards!      This year, we will still be praying for all of the friends and family who are currently in the hospital, are serving in the US military overseas, and/or have lost a loved one in the past six months, but due to a variety of circumstances we have had to do triage for our entire Christmas Correspondence this year so most of you won't be receiving snail mail letting you know in writing of our prayers and thoughts for you. 

If you’ve sent us a card wishing us a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, thanks, you rock!

If you haven’t, we totally and completely understand!

If you’re waiting for a card from us, please see the below qualifications for this year’s version of Triage for Christmas Correspondence.

7 Qualifications for Receiving Christmas Correspondence via Snail Mail in 2013 from the Potters’ (Let’s be realistic now: this means a card or letter from Trisha that Kevin has heard or read and signs, too)

If there was a period of thirty days or more over the past calendar year during which:
      1.      You and I talked to and/or texted each other daily.
2.      We hung out a few times a week.
3.      Regularly sat together at Mass together and other church-related activities.
4.      You have eaten several meals at our place.
5.      You have at any time received an actual text message from my husband.
6.      You have been in a cloistered convent.
7.      You are only allowed to receive mail at Christmas and Easter due to being a postulant in a cloistered convent.    

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