Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Man for All Seasons

     A Man for All Seasons is a great film, a powerful message, and a lasting legacy.  My hope and prayer is that when I die, I will be able to say in all honesty that I have ultimately put God first before everyone and everything else in my life, that I have chosen to do God’s will, live by His Truth, His love, His mercy, affection, and forgiveness rather than seeking and catering to the approval of other people.  
     I can’t think of a better witness to Truth than someone who will not turn away from God even when (or rather especially when) what He asks of us is particularly difficult.  Christ was challenged in mind, body, and spirit with unimaginable suffering, yet He was willing to bear it in the name of Truth and out of Love.
     How fitting a theme—to remain close to Christ when it would be far more popular and widely accepted to bow to the latest fads, trends, and practices supported by a government or administration as being superior to the commandments of the Lord as handed down to Moses.  What perfect timing—in the same week as hundreds of thousands gathered in Washington DC, in inclement weather to stand and pray in protest against some of the most prominent and widely-accepted lies of our time. 
     People from around the world and around the country of all races, colors, and creeds gathered in our Nation’s capital to stand witness to the Truth that all human life is sacred and that the weakest, most vulnerable among us deserve protection, dignity, and certainly life. 
     Pope Francis sent a message of solidarity and support to those who took part in this year’s March for Life.  This is a man who supports, promotes, and lives out a Culture of Life. 
     Forty-one years is a very long time to allow a practice which kills the weakest, poorest, and most defenseless among us.  How sad that this policy has not only remained legal, but that it has also been praised by government officials elected by the people to protect the right of every human being to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  
     There is another impressive video I’ve watched this week produced much more recently than the original film A Man for All Seasons.  In it are the historical facts, figures, and legal action documented about Roe v. Wade and the related official decisions made by our government since then.
     Would a man for all seasons like Sir Thomas More go along with what is popular and widely-accepted if it were not in keeping with What God asked of him?  He wouldn’t.  He didn’t.  And neither should we which is why I say and I pray along with countless others: “My generation will end abortion!”
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