Friday, February 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 142) The First Things Left

Grace is… having a family dinner with some of our favorite little cuties, faith-inspired discussions, remembering to turn to God again when you realize you’ve been trying to do things on your own, having talents and abilities which can be used to help others, finding young adult novels at the library that are interesting, entertaining, well-written, and touch on topics of faith and religion, knowing for certain others are praying for you, the healing power of certain songs…
LOVE  KNOW  LIVE This is a reflection I wrote on the theme “Love Know Live” which is dedicated to the participants of the 463rd Men's Cursillo taking place at Shalom House from Thursday evening through Sunday.  This article first appeared in the February issue of The Rooster Review.

Lifted Up in Prayer This past Monday evening we could actually feel the prayers lifting us up. Thank you all for your prayers! Merci mille fois! Muchas gracias! I know that your thoughts and love helped us handle some more tough stuff, sickness, along with yet another day of health care related trauma. God is good and in His great mercy, He will prevent us from losing our minds over the mess, inconsistencies, and outright lies we've had to deal with because of policies and programs dictated by Obamacare and Aetna!
Stuff my husband says: After being the only guy present who figured out how to release and unlatch a car’s hood and attach jumper cables properly to jumpstart a vehicle in the parking lot after Mass: “See, I am good for something!”
Me: “You’re good for many things.”

The Gang’s Back Together At least for a couple days this week, Kevin, our beloved brother in Christ John, and I were able to go to Mass at St. Benedict’s and pray the Rosary together while he was home on a break.  
     Michele's mom sent me this photo of her which made us all smile and be glad that she is so joyful living out God's will for her life:  

  With John at seminary in Baltimore and our friend Michele at a cloistered monastery in Carmel, Kevin and I haven’t been getting to daily Mass as often as we used to when all of us were in one city.  
     Fortunately, every time we are at Mass, regardless of the time or location around the globe, we can always see each other in the Eucharist.

The Loss of Loved Ones I’ve been thinking a lot about my dad and praying quite a bit for a friend and her family who are mourning the very unexpected loss of a loved one.  Please pray for the repose of the soul of the young man in his twenties as well as his family and friends.
    Wonderful Counselor, Perfect Physician, Holy Comforter, be close to those who are mourning the loss of loved ones and contemplating their own lives.  Help us to be a compassionate presence for those who are suffering in mind, body, and spirit, so others can see and sense the power of your love. Amen.

Just Do It! For the past couple weeks, I have been working on my talk for the Women’s Cursillo, because I have to present it to the team this Sunday afternoon.  This process has made me aware that I am still a recovering perfectionist with the debilitating awareness that I will never come close to doing something even remotely close to perfect the first time or anytime that it won’t need more work, significant critique, and a lot more prayer than I gave it when worrying about it came easier than the writing and editing.   

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