Wednesday, February 12, 2014

LOL at the Olympics

Here is one of our all-time favorite comedy bits on the Olympics.  Watch the first 4 minutes and 24 seconds of this clip from Jerry Seinfeld's "I’m Telling You for the Last Time," and I'm pretty sure you will be cracking up.  My personal Seinfeld favorites from this bit are his description of the biathlon and his suggestions for a new Olympic event: the Involuntary Luge.

I couldn't help but be amused by some of the profound comments announcers have made during the Winter Games:

Announcer for Men’s Moguls event: “He had kind of a rough ride.”
My response: “The whole slope is full of moguls!”

Announcer for Women’s Luge: “Look at that toe point…she’s going for it!” 
“Those white walls come up fast.”

Announcers for Women’s Curling: “The US is only one and two.  They’re only one game out.”
“It curled a little bit more than she anticipated.” 
“Always thinking about the next shot.  Sort of like a game of pool.” 
“There’s a reason the scoreboard is what it is.” 
“I think she thought she had enough weight."  
“How do you handle and manage when conditions seemingly change?”
“It’s a little tough down the center.  It’s a little bit tricky.” 
“You can’t just leave the building and the clock won’t run.”
“They’re not positive if that rock is biting the house or not.”

My Husband on Curling: “Of all the sports this one takes the most skill to watch.”
“They know how to knock each other out.  I guess that’s good for something.”
“Shuffleboard heavyweights.”  “Just what in the world is the point?”

Stuff my husband says: while watching the Opening Olympic ceremonies and in regard to what the United States athletes come out wearing.  
I said: “The only people that should be wearing sweaters like that are the mothers of some of the athletes.”

Kevin said: “Did Grandma forget to take her meds?” and later on: “I think they’re psyching out the competition.  If you look at those sweaters long enough it may create convulsions, possible black-outs.”
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