Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Laughing Together Series (Vol. 2) Out About on the Boat with Kevin & An Unexpected Lunch at Newport House

Usually, Kevin came over to hang out with all of us.  We had some new boat adventures.  One time he took us out again to show us the sunken tugboat.  Despite a thorough search, we never saw the submerged vessel whose existence, by the way, the rest of us question to this day.       
Another afternoon, Kevin took us down to a restaurant on Irondequoit Bay called Newport House.  The only problem was that he hadn’t informed us of our destination prior to leaving the house, so he was the only one wearing shoes and carrying money.  It was around lunch time on a weekday, so the outdoor seating area was packed with people in business attire.  My mom’s the queen of spontaneity, so she didn’t mind.  I was just happy to be near Kevin, so I was fine with it. 
We got some strange looks when I had to put together a makeshift ensemble to go inside and use the bathroom.  I was wearing little black board shorts and my black Speedo bathing suit without any shoes.  I borrowed a bright blue terrycloth jacket, which was at least seven sizes too big, and Kevin lent me his brown boat moccasins, which clearly didn’t fit either.  Kevin waited outside on the sidewalk for quite some time before I returned with his shoes. 

As luck would have it, I’d started my period.  Of course, I had nothing with me including money and would have been mortified to go and ask Kevin for a quarter.  Fortunately, a kind woman took pity on me and got me a quarter from her purse, which was back at her table.  

Eventually, I came back outside, and Kevin told me he’d been about to send someone with a fishing pole in for me.  He asked what took so long.  I just smiled, shrugged, and gave him back his shoes.  I sat behind Kevin the whole boat ride home and fought the urge to wrap my arms around him or kiss his cheek.  
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