Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Will You Be a Good Neighbor and Help This Family?

A family needs your help.  Five people who are very caring, loving, and giving are in need of your prayers and, if possible, your financial support.  Please check out this link for more info: 

Save the Dinas from Foreclosure 

I don’t usually share requests of this nature over my blog, but this particular one has hit closer to home than most.  Since my husband Kevin and I have experienced the tremendous stress of having unexpected, really high medical bills, we have a great deal more compassion for others facing such hard times.  Though we regularly give to church, various charitable organizations, and help family and friends in need, there was a time when we found ourselves struggling to pay the bills.    

I am still absolutely amazed at how people came together and were there for us.  I’m not sure how we would have gotten through that tough time of surgeries, a parent’s funeral, unemployment, and illness if we had not had people of faith to lift us up in prayer and step in when we’d run out of physical, emotional, and/or spiritual resources.  Sometimes, we’re given a chance to give back to people who are always giving so much of themselves.  This is one of those times.   
How Big Is a Mother’s Heart?

Sara is a pro-life advocate, mother of three daughters, and has served as the Campaign Director for the 40 Days for Life in Alexandria for a number of years.  When Sara and her family found out about a mother and daughter seeking refuge from a foreign country where Christians are being persecuted, they welcomed them to stay and live with them for a few months.  On another occasion, an African mother who was pregnant found out that their family is pro-life.  This woman with no knowledge of English and no family or friends lived with the Dinas for a year.  

My mom, a pro-life advocate, mother of three daughters, has served as the Campaign Director for the 40 Days for Life in Richmond.  When women in crisis and their children have needed a safe place to stay, my mom has opened the doors to her home and invited them in.  Some people stayed for a matter of days, others for weeks, some for many months.   

Clearly some mothers have hearts that reach far beyond the love and relationships in her own household.  A nurturing wife, mother, volunteer, Respect Life leader, pro-life advocate, and friend is a tremendous blessing to her family as well as her community.  Let’s do what we can to support these remarkable mamas! 

What can you do to help the Dina’s?  They really need your prayer cover right now.  Your financial support could also make a huge difference.  For more info about the Dinas and their circumstances, and/or to donate, click here.  There are only six days left for us to pitch in!
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